Multi HODL with Cosmos (ATOM) - earn up to $50 in rewards

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Earn yield on Cosmos - ATOM Yields Account

YouHodler’s list of options to choose from for crypto Yields accounts continues to grow. These low risk, high yield Yields accounts help users earn % p.a. on crypto up to 8.32% per year with compounding % p.a.. Cosmos (ATOM) is a popular choice in the market. Here’s some information additional facts on Cosmos (ATOM) and also learn how to easily accumulate crypto % p.a. on YouHodler.

What is Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos calls itself “the internet of blockchains.” Quite an aggressive nickname to give yourself if you ask our opinion but their confidence is well deserved. Cosmos has a big objective and that’s to create a large network of other crypto networks that are all united by open-source techniques to make efficient transactions between the networks. Instead of prioritizing the Cosmos network like other networks might do, Cosmos unselfishly wants to build an ecosystem of other networks that all can share tokens and data without the need of any centralized party

Tying it all together is The Cosmos Hub, the proof-of-stake blockchain that exists within Cosmos and. The blockchain is powered by its native ATOM cryptocurrency which can be bought on YouHodler and other large exchanges. 

How to earn 8.32% % p.a. on ATOM

Step 1: Sign-in or sign up to YouHodler (iOS, Android, and Web version available)

Step 2: Deposit ATOM to your personal Cosmos wallet

Step 3. Watch as your ATOM earns a compounding % p.a. of 8.32% APY. 

Step 4: Get paid! Weekly payments come every 7 days

Watch your crypto earn on YouHodler 

Have you seen the ads for “high-yield Yields accounts” for banks these days? If not, they are offering rates below 0% and somehow calling that “high-yield.” At YouHodler, you can earn 8.32% on ATOM deposits and that’s just the minimum. With the combination of our other tools, you can earn from ATOM Yields accounts and other features like Multi HODL and Turbocharge. Plus, you’re still earning from ATOM’s natural market growth as well. Combine that with our user-friendly interface and attention to efficiency and watching crypto on YouHoder has really never been easier. 

Cosmos yield wallet app that pays % p.a.

YouHodler wallet app is the only application where you can store your Cosmos (ATOM) just like you would in a regular wallet but in addition, earn % p.a. on that ATOM wallet balance every week.

How does ATOM % p.a. work

You can earn % p.a. on ATOM just like you would with a traditional bank Yields account but with one key difference.  Instead of near to zero % p.a. rates at banks, we offer you 8.32% % p.a. on ATOM.

How to Earn Free ATOM

It’s easy! Just deposit ATOM to your YouHodler wallet and you’ll earn free ATOM every week.

How to Get Free ATOM

yield payments occur every seven days. So you’ll get your free ATOM a week after your first deposit.

Cumulative yield ATOM

Yes, you have cumulative % p.a. if you HODL ATOM in the wallet.  We calculate compound % p.a. rates every week.

ATOM APY & Yield

Compared to other platforms, we offer APY instead of . gives you % p.a. payments without the compounding effect. Hence, with APY at YouHodler, you get more ATOM at the end of the year due to this cumulative % p.a..

ATOM Yields Calculator

Just use our ATOM Yields Calculator to see what you will have in 3, 6, or 12 months of HODLing on YouHodler.

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