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Secure a loan using any of 50+ top cryptocurrencies

Benefit from a market-leading 97% loan-to-value ratio. Get funds in multiple currencies and withdraw how you like - to your bank account, or another exchange

Borrow Money Using Your Crypto

Turn your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto into cash without selling them. It's simple and fast. Unlock immediate liquidity without letting go of your investment's potential

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Quickly transfer your chosen cryptocurrency to your YouHodler wallet from a list of 50+ options. No hidden fees, no fuss

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Use our intuitive loan calculator to customize your loan terms. Experience immediate approvals without the hassle of peer-to-peer platforms. Access funds in multiple fiat options or popular cryptocurrencies

Transparent Fees

Daily loan fees are transparently calculated and can be viewed anytime. Only pay for the active loan days and maintain complete control over your repayments

Retrieve Your Collateral Anytime

Flexible repayment options tailored for you. Repay through various methods, including your YouHodler wallet, bank transfers, and more

Advanced Loan Management Tools

Adapt to the ever-changing crypto market with our suite of tools. From adjusting LTV to setting profit prices, we've got you covered
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We have all the answers

We have all the answers

How crypto-backed loan works?

The crypto-backed loan works similar to regular loan with collateral, but in this case, as collateral you use crypto. Crypto investors like any other investors buy various cryptocurrencies and wait for the market price to jump up. But, in this case, their investments are "frozen" in the crypto. For instance, you as an investor buy BTC for 10k EUR. This 10K is frozen until you sell BTC (perhaps after the price grows up).This is the exact moment when crypto loans prove to be very helpful. The investor can borrow a part of the market crypto value of the crypto, use it for any purpose, and afterward pay back the loan and get back the exact crypto amount. Eventually, it is the same result as with the classic investment, but you as an investor are able to use the value of your crypto funds.

YouHodler provides their users with an option to get a loan using crypto or stablecoins assets as collateral. In return, the user instantly receives an agreed loan amount in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, BTC, or Stablecoins. After repaying the loan, the user gets the collateral back, even if it has increased in value.To explore more please follow this guide.

How can I get a loan?

To get a loan, go to the Loans page and click the Create new loan button. There you will find the loan calculator. All you need is to choose the Crypto you want to use as Collateral, the desired Loan Amount in fiat or cryptocurrency, and a comfortable Loan Tariff (LTV). You can see how much crypto you need to deposit to get a loan in the Crypto Collateral field right after you filled the Loan Amount field.

After you fill out the loan parameters, review the Terms of Service, and toggle on the switcher. Also, you can set a desired Take Profit level for your loan using the Set Take Profit feature. Once you're ready, click on the GET LOAN button. Your borrowed funds will appear in the Wallet section of your account. You can watch your loans in the Loans section of your account.

How can I repay my loan?

YouHodler provides several options to repay your loan using Crypto, Bank Wire, Apple Pay, including debit and credit cards, from your wallet and Close now feature.

Can I request a custom loan tariff?

Yes, you can request a custom loan tariff. To do so, you need to contact customer service via online chat or by sending an email to support@youhodler.com.

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