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Be a part of a fast-growing company and get commissions for each active client you bring to YouHodler

Here’s How It Works

Be a part of a fast-growing company and get commissions for each active
client you bring to YouHodler

  1. Sign Up

    Start your journey by registering for the affiliate program, becoming an official partner, and gaining access to a world of earning potential
  2. Get a Tracking Link

    Receive a unique tracking link that helps you monitor and attribute the traffic and sales you generate, ensuring you're rewarded for your efforts
  3. Bring Traffic

    Utilize your marketing skills to attract and direct potential customers to the merchant's website, increasing the likelihood of conversions
  4. Earn Money

    Witness your income rise as your referred visitors convert through your tracking link

Our Partner Program
in Numbers

High Conversion Rate

+ 15%

Fiat Crypto or Stablecoins

3 Ways of Payout

No Limit on Your Payout

No Limit

Above-Average Payouts

High Payouts

GEOs Accepted


Affiliate Manager Team Speaks

7 Languages

CPA (RevShare or Hybrid)

3 Payout models

Partners and Growing


Products that Sell Themselves


A trading feature that enables traders to profit on Up or DOWN market movements. Possibility to multiply crypto up to x50

Conversion With
Minimal Fees

Instant market price execution, no overwhelming dashboards

Fiat Transfer

Get your fiat cash at any time. SEPA and SWIFT bank transfers

Your Ultimate Crypto Card is Here

A card that lets you use your cryptocurrencies for your day-to-day activities and needs


Chain of crypto loans. Get up to 15 loans on the borrowed collateral. Fixed fee. No rollover fees. Cheaper than trading

Crypto Loans

97% Loan-To-Value ratio accepting 55 cryptos as collateral. No monthly installments

Who Can Participate?

We have no restrictions on who can become our Partners: an individual or a company - simply sign up for our Affiliate Platform and start earning immediately.
  • Affiliates
  • Introducing Brokers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Influencers
  • Crypto Investors
  • Crypto Enthusiast with curious family and friends
Whoever you are, we know exactly what you need. Whether you are driving traffic via a website, have a strong online presence, working with social media accounts, online crypto educational platforms, channels, and other digital media.
Or you work with a local presence and a personal client network, we have a commission plan that suits your audience.

We Are a Partner You Can Trust

At YouHodler, trust is paramount. We prioritize transparency, ethical practices, secure payments, and dedicated support to ensure you have a partner you can rely on. With our commitment to open communication, prompt payments, and accurate tracking, you can confidently grow your affiliate business with us.
Join today and experience a partnership built on trust, mutual success, and continuous improvement. Together, we'll conquer the affiliate marketing world.

Partner Testimonials

John Waters


YouHodler is an awesome platform and their affiliate program is absolutely top notch from my personal experience so far.

Right now I have been a member for a few weeks and I have only ran one campaign. I received a lot of very detailed help and resources from my affiliate "personal manager" aka the person designated to help me with anything relating to the program. I had a few nuanced questions about specific things and he was very helpful and encouraging throughout the entire process before the campaign was launched.

The YouHodler affiliate user interface is quite basic which gives it a clean look and makes it very simple and easy to understand. They have an extensive number of "supportive advertising materials" including things like: different variations of their logos, in depth-product explanation articles geared towards helping the affiliate understand their basket of services better, different banners, videos, and general tips for helping people who might be new and inexperienced in affiliate marketing.

So far so good and if I remember to do so when I get paid I will come back here and make an edit to this review showing my proof of payment.

They clearly care about their affiliate program and the people involved with it.



I've been working with Youhodler Affiliate program since late February 2020. Here are my pros and cons.

1) They pay on time, and sometimes even a bit earlier mentioned hold period (Net-5).
2) Their support is really great and helpful, true professionals.
3) What is important for me, their offers are truly legit and legitimate. They provide real service to their clients. Good for my karma.
4) Best payouts and terms, comparing to their competitors.
5) They use Affise as a tracking software, so, I have full access to the statistics, can be sure that I'm not cheated.
6) They offer private terms and higher payouts for the affiliates with best traffic (since I'm on the crypto market since 2016, I'm the one of those affiliates, hehe)
7) Since I'm one of the users of their platform, payments are made directly to my Youhodler wallet, very convenient.

1) So far they have only 2 offers, but I was told that they are working on some new offers and will release it soon. Nevertheless I earned several thouthands of USD with those offers, lol.
2) Leads can be rejected sometimes (but very rarely), but they always provide evidence and explanation of each rejection.


YouTube Blogger

I have to say, quite frankly, I love working with Youhodler.

Payments are always made precisely. They have an excellent and precise dashboard with a responsive and professional manager.

In addition, and this is perhaps what I appreciate the most, we know that we send users to a high quality site and program.

And, that is really great!



I started working with YouHodler's Affiliate program some months ago. Here are my pros and cons.

1. Tracking works perfect; 2. Payments are always on time; 3. Different Offers to choose from (10USD / 100USD / Compound up to 90$ -for more information check their offers); 4. Dashboard is very informative; 5. Support is super helpful and answers within 1-5 hours; 6. Payments in EURO or Crypto

Cons: None ;)

Work with YouHodler is great and I am sure that we can keep doing business for many more years.



Good morning. I am Sebastian from Argentina. I am very happy with the Youhodler affiliate program. It is available to everyone, it is easy to convert and you have constant assistance from an account agent.

The month of June, I billed $270 and on July 3 it was already deposited in my ETH wallet.


Facundo Garcia


Excellent platform, very reliable, dynamic and practical. Expectations match reality with YouHodler and I hope it continues to expand with the new projects. The interest is very good and allows to earn in cryptocurrencies. Support is always here to help, they managed to dispel the doubts I had! I recommend it 100%.