Security and Scam Protection

AFETY FIRST. Don't get robbed or scammed with crypto.

1.Security Tips

1.1.Protect your personal data and credentials. Don't share it with anyone. YouHodler's team will never request your login passwords or 2FA passcodes from you.

1.2.Backup all data whenever possible.

1.3.In general, use strong passwords and recovery phrases for any emails used for login credentials.

1.4.Always enable SMS or Google 2FA.

1.5.If you're not sure about 2FA try our 3FA feature.

1.6.Never use a public WiFi network without a VPN service.

1.7.Don't make any crypto transactions in public places.

1.8.Hide your laptop and smartphone login passwords when you are using your device in a public place.

1.9.Protect your laptop at any time. Do not leave it without sight.

1.10.Always carry your mobile devices with you. Use a strong login password and SIM-card passcode.

1.11.Do not click on any suspicious links on social media or email newsletters.

1.12.Keep your crypto holdings private (don’t bring unnecessary attention to yourself).

2.Scam Alert

2.1.Do not provide your email address, password or any documents to anybody who acts on your behalf in order to create or on-board onto our platform. Please limit all official communication with us through online chat on the platform or email Our live-agents work 24/7 for you.

2.2.Be careful of any messages from people on WhatsApp, Telegram or other social media. We don't have any brokers or intermediaries who can help you to open an account with us. Only you can open an  account on YouHodler.

2.3.Ignore all private messages from people with the YouHodler logo on Telegram, WhatsApp or etc. We never send direct messages to our clients first on these apps. If you get a message from someone claiming to be from YouHodler, please confirm first with any of our official telegram channels listed in the next point or any of our support agents at

2.4.Stay away from all channels, groups and accounts with YouHodler logos and information about crypto staking or crypto loans without collateral. If you find something suspicious, please report it immediately as a fake account. We use only official name and links such as: – official representative on Telegram – official Telegram community in English YouHodler French YouHodler Spanish YouHodler in Dutch YouHodler Indonesia – our official Telegram channel – official Twitter account – official Facebook page – official Instagram account – official YouTube channel – official LinkedIn account

2.4.Be very careful of who you trust on the internet. There are many  scam schemes and social engineering approaches. If you are not sure about something, please ask us via online chat or email to or check the facts with our community on Telegram. Please read a short article on how to avoid the most common crypto scams.

Last update: April 23, 2021

2.4.Don't participate in any airdrops or giveaways from YouHodler. Scammers typically ask you to send them some tokens and they promise to send you back twice as much. This is 100% a scam. Don't believe it. We never had and never will have any airdrop on the platform.

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