Buy Gala (GALA) - earn $10 cashback

Buy, store, exchange, sell, or multiply your Gala (GALA) with YouHodler. Join our platform for free, set up your Gala Wallet today, and get $10 cashback on your first deposit. With low fees, fast execution, and impeccable security, YouHodler offers crypto investors a seamless user experience and peace of mind.

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Ability to use Yields funds as a collateral for lending products.

Buy, Store, and Exchange Your GALA Assets with YouHodler

Need a safe place to store your GALA tokens? Look no further than YouHodler’s dedicated Gala wallet. Through our state-of-the-art software, you can buy, store, manage, and exchange your GALA tokens, providing you with instant access to the Ethereum blockchain GALA tokens derive from. 

Through your YouHodler GALA wallet, you’ll be able to:

Buy GALA Tokens

To buy GALA with YouHodler, you must first add funds to your wallet. You can do that via a credit card, Apple Pay, wire transfer, or even using another crypto, which you can then exchange for GALA with our conversion feature. Then, simply head to your wallet, click on the ‘Buy Gala’ button, choose your amount, and complete the transaction - fees applied will depend on your chosen payment method. 

Store & Manage Your Gala Assets

How you manage your Gala assets is your choice. At YouHodler, we provide investors with multiple services they can use to grow and multiply their assets through our Yield Account or MultiHODL. The first option allows you to take advantage of consistent returns, whereas the latter allows you to buy more Gala tokens through a chain of crypto-backed loans. All this while enjoying peace of mind that your assets are protected with high-end encryption software. 

Swap Your GALA Tokens

With YouHodler’s Gala Wallet, you’ll be able to swap or withdraw your GALA tokens at any moment. Simply click on the ‘Exchange’ button and choose the crypto and the amount you want to convert your GALA to. Double-check if everything is correct and hit ‘Convert.’ We’ll then instantly process your request. Keep in mind that we charge a conversion fee, which may impact the final amount you convert. 

How to Set Up Your GALA Wallet

Setting up your Gala wallet with YouHodler is incredibly simple. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your YouHodler Account: To use our crypto wallets, you must first set up a free account on our platform. To do that, simply click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the instructions to create and verify your new account.
  2. Set Up a GALA Wallet: Once your account is set up, head to our wallets page to find the one dedicated to GALA tokens. Choose your deposit method to fund your wallet.
  3. Buy GALA Tokens: Use the available funds to buy GALA tokens. From there, you’ll be able to store, manage, sell, or swap your assets using a full range of our available services. 

Set Up Your GALA Wallet

More Than Just Another GALA Wallet

At YouHodler, we made it our mission to simplify crypto trading. We want to make cryptocurrencies available to everyone. This user-oriented approach has allowed us to become one of the most popular crypto wallet providers in the industry for both beginners and experienced investors who seek a seamless user experience. 

Here’s what makes YouHodler’s GALA wallet the best:

Simple Top-Ups & Fast Withdrawals

Enjoy hassle-free deposits and withdrawals. Use your favorite payment methods to top-up your GALA wallet, including credit cards, bank wire transfers, Apple Pay, and other crypto. To withdraw, simply convert your assets to your fiat account and use bank wire to transfer funds into your bank account. 

Seamless Conversions

Swap your GALA tokens to another currency whenever you like with YouHodler’s seamless conversion feature. Simply choose the currency you’d like to convert your GALA assets into, choose the amount, and hit ‘Convert.’ It’s that easy!

Transaction History & Status Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your transactions via our status monitoring. Access all your operation statuses and transaction history in one place to better manage your GALA assets. 

Top-Notch Security & Encryption

Rest assured that your GALA wallet assets are safe. YouHodler is licensed and regulated by the world’s leading financial institutions. We provide impeccable security features, protecting our customers and their assets with the latest encryption technologies and a mix of hot (online) and cold (offline) storage. 

Earn % p.a. on Your GALA Wallet

What if we told you that we’ll pay you for holding your Gala assets with YouHodler? How is that possible? Simple, each wallet is % p.a.-bearing, earning you passive income merely for storing your crypto assets on your YouHodler Gala wallet. 

Best Cross-platform GALA Wallet

If you’re searching for the best GALA wallet for Android, Windows, or Mac, YouHodler is your one-stop solution for any software needs. Our wallets are optimized for all devices, including desktop and mobile. With YouHodler, you’ll be able to access your GALA wallet wherever and whenever you like. 

Get Your YouHodler GALA Wallet Today

Don’t wait. Sign up for YouHodler for free, set up your GALA wallet, and get a $10 cashback bonus on your first deposit. Using our crypto wallet, you’ll be able to buy, store, swap, and even multiply your GALA tokens. All that while enjoying peace of mind that your assets are protected and all transactions are fast and hassle-free. 

YouHodler is a one-stop platform for all your crypto investing needs. Join our ever-growing crypto community and see why hundreds of crypto investors have already trusted us with their assets. 


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Got Questions? We Got Answers.

What is Gala?

GALA is an Ethereum-based token from Gala Games, a blockchain gaming platform founded by Eric Schirmeyer. GALA has a few different use cases, for example, it can be used as a medium of exchange between different Gala Games users and in-game items within the ecosystem. Plus, of course, it’s an exciting investment opportunity for those who want to take advantage of the blockchain ecosystem. 

What is a GALA wallet?

A Gala wallet is software or hardware that enables one to manage GALA tokens. At the most basic levels, a Gala wallet lets one access the Ethereum blockchain so they can send, receive, and store GALA tokens. 

However, wallets are much more flexible than that. There are many wallets out there with advanced financial services like lending, staking, trading, exchanging, and much more. There are also wallets with varying levels of security and usability. When searching for one that ticks all the boxes, YouHodler is the top choice for many crypto traders. 

How does a GALA wallet work?

Since GALA is an Ethereum token, a Gala wallet works just as any other Ethereum wallet works. Simply put, an Ethereum wallet is an application that enables you to interact with your Ethereum account. 

You can think of an Ethereum wallet as your online banking app. The wallet lets you see your balance, initiate transactions, and connect to other applications. The wallet is a tool to manage all the various aspects of your Ethereum account. To access your GALA wallet, you will need to know the private key that you get when you set up the wallet.

Do I need a wallet to buy and trade Gala?

100%. Absolutely. Yes. It’s just not possible to buy GALA without a Gala wallet. The cryptocurrency wallet is one of the most important elements in the industry. It protects your funds in addition to offering creative ways to manage your funds. Choosing a crypto wallet should not be taken lightly. It’s a big decision that requires ample research. 

Are all Gala wallets secure?

Unfortunately, not all Gala wallets are secure. Some are poorly made, while others are purposely built with fraudulent backdoors. There are many causes for concern when it comes to wallet security. 

However, don’t let that deter you from the wonders of cryptocurrency altogether. For every bad wallet are several great wallets that will enhance your life. Just be sure to research different wallets to see if they come with advanced security features like 2FA/3FA and have a history of running security audits on their platform. YouHodler, for example, prioritizes security above all else. Our clients come first, and it is our life mission to protect our client's funds. 

Are Gala wallets free?

While most Gala wallets are available for free, some providers may charge extra fees for setting up or using a Gala wallet. YouHodler, for example, will never charge you to set up your crypto wallet or use our app. 

We believe that crypto should be for everyone. Besides, blockchain transaction fees can be high enough as is. There is no need to charge clients an additional fee on top of that. 

Not only are YouHodler wallets free, but we pay you for holding cryptocurrency with our wallets. That’s right! Every wallet is an % p.a.-bearing wallet, which means you earn passive income just for keeping crypto on YouHodler wallets. While other wallets charge you to use their services, we pay you. 

What are the different types of Gala wallets?

There are several different types of online wallets you can use to trade GALA. The most popular options include desktop, mobile, and web-based wallets:

A desktop Gala wallet is the software you download on your PC or laptop. Your keys and transaction history can only be accessed through the wallet interface on the computer you installed it on. 

Mobile Gala wallets work similarly to desktop wallets, only these are downloaded on your mobile device, be it a tablet or smartphone. Be sure to choose a mobile wallet that supports your operating system. YouHodler, for instance, can be used on both Android and iOS devices, making it an excellent choice for all mobile users. 

A web-based Gala wallet is accessed directly through your browser without the need to download any software onto your device. You simply create an account on the provider’s website and access your wallet from there. YouHodler is an excellent example of a leading web-based GALA wallet that’s full of exciting features, seamless user experience, and high-end security.  

How to choose the best Gala wallet?

Choosing a crypto wallet isn’t always a straightforward process. There are many Gala wallet providers out there - how to decide which one to choose? 

Well, when doing your research, be sure that the wallet you consider comes with the following key features:

  • User-Friendly - a top-quality Gala wallet needs to be intuitive and easy to use, no matter the level of your crypto knowledge.  
  • Multi-Chain - it should offer support for other popular crypto assets, bringing them all together in one platform. 
  • Fiat Gateways - you should be able to effortlessly move your assets between GALA and traditional currencies, such as USD or EUR. 
  • Low Fees - a good wallet should charge only minimal transaction fees, preventing any additional charges from eating up your wallet’s worth.  
  • Earning Options - look for a wallet that grants you multiple earning and trading options that can help build and diversify your GALA portfolio.

Guess which Gala wallet ticks all these features?

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Buy Coinname (CoinTicker) - earn $10 cashback

Buy Coinname or any other via credit card, Apple Pay, bank wire or other crypto. Store, exchange and multiply your CoinName with YouHodler.

Digital asset management system with $150M pooled crime insurance by Ledger Vault
Weekly compound % p.a. payouts in stablecoins and crypto
Ability to use Yields funds as a collateral for lending products.

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Got Questions? We Got Answers.

Where to buy Coinname (CoinTicker) instantly online?

Buying Coinname online is easy with YouHodler. We have several methods to help you Buy CoinTicker with cash, credit, debit, or via other cryptocurrencies. Read more details below.

The cheapest way to buy Coinname CoinTicker

YouHodler has low fees whether you want to buy CoinTicker with credit cards, debit cards, or bank wire deposits. However, the cheapest way to buy CoinTicker on YouHolder is via depositing stablecoins and using our conversion feature. This way, you can avoid bank transfer fees and credit card fees while just paying a low conversion fee on YouHodler.

How can you buy CoinTicker at YouHodler?

As stated earlier, we have numerous ways to buy CoinTicker on YouHodler. Here are them all in detail:

  • Buy CoinTicker with a credit or debit card: To buy CoinTicker with a credit card or a debit card, simply log into your YouHodler.com account. After that, look for the “Buy crypto” button at the top of your screen. Click the button and follow the easy instructions.

  • Buy CoinTicker with a bank wire transfer: To buy CoinTicker with a bank wire transfer, first, log into your YouHodler.com account and click the fiat wallet of your choice (e.g. EUR). When you find the wallet, click ‘deposit’ and choose the “Bank Wire'' option. Follow the instructions to deposit fiat via bank wire. When the funds arrive in your fiat wallet, convert the fiat funds to CoinTicker via the “convert” button and enjoy your newly acquired CoinTicker.

  • Buy CoinTicker with PayPal: PayPal made it extremely easy to buy CoinTicker via their platform and we thank them for doing their part for cryptocurrency mass adoption. That being said, buying CoinTicker with PayPal is still more expensive than YouHodler. If you want to save money on fees, just buy crypto via bank wire or YouHodler’s conversion feature. You can then take advantage of our additional features like Multi HODL, Yields accounts, and loans, all of which PayPal does not have.

CoinTicker Yields

Buy and hold your CoinTicker with the YouHodler wallet. We have some of the best rates on the market that are more consistent than DeFi yield rates.

Multiply your CoinTicker with Multi HODL

Capitalize on the market movements of other cryptocurrencies with our trading solution featuring low fees and multiplier levels around x50. Buy CoinTicker and clone your crypto today.

Turbocharge your CoinTicker with turbo loans

Do you want to buy the CoinTicker dip but don’t have any cash? Discover the power of loans. This isn’t just any loan though. This is a Turbocharge loan. A Turbocharge loan takes your crypto as collateral and generates a chain of loans with the sole purpose of helping you buy more crypto. The result is you have a multiplied portfolio using minimal starting capital. Of course, you have to pay the loans back but ideally, when the price of CoinTicker rises later on, the profits will cover those expenses with enough left over to profit as well. Give Turbocharge a try today on YouHodler.

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An efficient and innovative tool powered by crypto-backed loans to help you capitalize on market volatility

YouHodler is regulated in  Switzerland and the EU

Partnership with regulated EU/Swiss payment providers

YouHodler S.A. Regulated Financial Intermediary and Pawn Broker

YouHodler Italy S.R.L. OAM Registration

VASP Registration wth the Bank of Spain