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Bitcoin Mining is dead

Time to open a stablecoin savings account.

Do you want to have a passive income? Do you believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and want to earn money from them? Well, then forget about mining. The glory days are gone. Bitcoin mining is nowhere near as profitable today as it once was. So earn a passive income up to 12% APY on YouHodler instead.

Bitcoin Mining vs. Savings Accounts on YouHodler

Why do you need to buy all this expensive mining equipment, and earn money to cover your expenses? Earn money from your funds right now, hassle-free, with weekly payouts.


  • Mining today has low profitability
  • You have to pay pool fees
  • The equipment is expensive
  • It's difficult to set up
  • It's hard to maintain
  • It requires a long payback period
  • Regular upgrades needed

Crypto savings

  • Instant earnings
  • High-interest rates. The best on the market
  • No expenses for equipment
  • No maintenance cost
  • No minimum deposit amount
  • No hidden fees
  • Weekly payouts

How much money do you need to start mining

Just compare how much will you get with our compound savings account


Break-even in more than 6 years with current BTC price.

  • One Antminer S19


  • 1 month


    Electricity expenses $163.80

  • 3 month


    Electricity expenses $491.4

  • 12 month


    Electricity expenses $1,992.90

  • Money after 1 year


    You have outdated hardware costs ≈$3000

* Cost per KWh = $0.07

** Calculated for BTC price 10,000 USD

Crypto savings

You will double your initial amount in a little bit more than 5 years.

  • Initial deposit

    3395.00 USDT

  • 1 month

    33.95 USDT

  • 3 month

    33.95 USDT

  • 12 months

    430.57 USDT

  • Money after 1 year

    3825.57 USDT

    You own initial deposit of 3395 USDT

How much you can earn

Our Saving Account Rates

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