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Crypto and Bitcoin Wallet YouHodler

The most advanced crypto wallet on the market. HODL, earn, stake and multiply all in one place. Crypto interest accounts integrated inside these multi coin wallets. Earn interest up to 11.28% APY.

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Multi Coin Wallet: Why choose YouHodler?

Simple design. Advanced functionality.

YouHodler's multi coin wallet is uniquely designed to simplify crypto details and makes managing your coins and tokens easier than ever. Easily HODL, staking, earn interest on and multiply digital currencies in these smart and beautifully designed crypto wallets available for iOS, Android and desktop operating systems.

Number of coins

Create a bitcoin account with your very own bitcoin wallet along with additional dedicated multi coin wallets for 50+ popular cryptocurrencies.

YouHodler Wallet supported coins

All wallets support crypto-rewards immediately after deposit.

A high level of security for your cryptocurrency coin wallet

Unlock the value of your crypto with an all-in-one wallet

YouHodler’s multi coin wallet is the best place to HODL, stake, earn and multiply crypto. Period.

  • The one and only bitcoin interest wallet with the highest rate up to 4.7% a year
  • USDT wallet and other stablecoin wallets with savings account interest rates up to 11.28% APY.
  • Unique features like BAT wallet with loans and trading tools.
  • Earn interest on amounts over $25,000 using the combination of crypto wallets, Multi HODL or Dual Assets.

YouHodler is the "one-stop-shop" crypto-fiat wallet to get crypto backed loans, the ability to earn interest on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with crypto savings accounts. Additional, multiply crypto assets with innovative trading tools like Multi HODL, Dual Assets, and Turbocharge.

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Get YouHodler Crypto Wallet App

Store, exchange, and spend 8 stablecoins and 52 cryptocurrencies. Crypto rewards, staking and loans integrated.

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