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What is Ziliqa?

In a bid to leverage the scalability flaws of Ethereum, several blockchain projects sprouted, one of which is Ziliqa. Created in 2016 by four friends; Amrit Kumar, Jia Yaoqi, Max Kantelia, and Prateek Saxena, Ziliqa is the first public blockchain to process thousands of transactions in a second. It uses six nodes to perform around 2,800 transactions per second. This is huge compared to Bitcoin's seven and Ethereum's fifteen. In the same vein, the transaction fees on Zilliqa are fractions of Bitcoin and Ethereum'. 

What is ZIL?

The Ziliqa token has a total supply of 21 billion coins. Over 60% of these are in circulation, and it has been agreed to release the remaining tokens by mining within ten years. One special thing about the Zilliqa protocol is its never-ending innovation. Perhaps the one that would % p.a. the crypto community so much is how the protocol reduces energy consumption despite being on a proof-of-work consensus. It uses a proof-of-work to validate every node that enters the network and the byzantine fault tolerance protocol to validate transactions. This way, Zilliqa uses only a third of the energy Bitcoin consumes. One of the advantages of Zilliqa is its devotion to research and development, and it hits deadlines, a feat Ethereum is not known for.

Should you buy Zilliqa?

Zilliqa's low price and market cap might lure many investors in, but with Eth 2.0 on the way, Zilliqa's future is directly threatened. There are two ways to Zilliqa's growth. It's either their research team carves out a niche for the protocol that is largely untouched in the crypto world, or the Ethereum 2.0 project falls below expectations.

How to get an instant Zilliqa loan

Don’t sell your ZIL. Use it as collateral for an instant crypto loan and get up to 90% of your collateral’s value in a variety of currencies. We have ZIL to USD loans, ZIL to EUR loans, ZIL to GBP loans, ZIL to CHF loans, and stablecoin loans as well. Simply deposit ZIL today, choose a loan plan – or create a custom one yourself – and you’ll receive up to 30,000 in a currency of your choice in seconds. 

How to borrow Zilliqa - How does it work?

With our Crypto-Backed Loan service, you can borrow BTC, USDT, USD, EUR, GBP, or CHF only. That means if you want to borrow ZIL you first must convert one of the above to fiat and convert it to ZIL using our exchange service. 

Zilliqa loan calculator

You can use our ZIL loan calculator with different loan plans to find the best option for you. You can see all parameters on the form such as loan duration, price down limit, and loan repayment. If you want to loan Zilliqa, please check the calculator first to see which plan works best for you. 

Zilliqa lending process

Zilliqa lending is easy with YouHodler. Just open and verify your account, deposit your crypto to the wallet and use it as collateral for your future ZIL loans.

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