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What Is EOS Crypto and How to Get an EOS Instant Loan

EOS is a unique blockchain platform for the construction of decentralized applications (dapps). Many supporters liken EOS to the "ethereum killer" due to its similarities but it has several standalone features that sets it apart from the competition. The main idea of EOS is to bring the best features of smart contracts and combine them with an active community to make a scalable dapp platform for mass audiences.

How does EOS crypto work?

The original EOS vision was to build a dapp platform for the blockchain that can easily and securely scale to thousands of transactions for every second. This is also in addition to providing a user friendly experience to all users, entrepreneurs and app developers. Eventually, crypto EOS will become a multi-faceted operating system for dapps and also provide services like server hosting, user authentication and cloud storage.

EOS coin where to buy?

EOS is available to buy on most major exchanges but one of the easiest ways to obtain EOS is right here on YouHodler. Simply sign up, verify your personal debit/credit card and then deposit the fiat of our choice to the platform (USD or EUR). After you convert your fiat to EOS, then you successfully found a way to buy EOS coin with credit card. However, if you are already a long time EOS HODLer and want to get cash for your assets without having to sell, then here is another option.

EOS Instant Loan gives you cash when you need it

As one of the most promising altcoins on the market, many analysts say selling EOS is not a wise choice this early in its lifespan. Hence, if you want to use the value of your EOS without having to sell, then an instant loan (EOS to USD, EOS to EUR) on YouHodler is the way to go. Simply deposit EOS into your wallet on YouHodler, pick one of our many loan plans that fits your individual needs and within seconds, you'll have cash deposited to your personal account. If during your loan term, EOS rises in value, then you get to keep the profit!

So to explore how to get cash for your EOS, grow your EOS holdings and discover all the great features involving EOS coin, visit YouHodler.com

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