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Get an instant Solana (SOL) loan with our SOL lending app. Buy SOL, sell SOL, convert, multiply and so much more. Borrow SOL instantly with LTV up to 90%.

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What is Solana (SOL)? 

Solana is a proof-of-stake (POS) cryptocurrency and smart contract abilities allow for the construction of DeFi dapps and NFTs. According to Solana, they can process 65,000 transactions per second with zero fees. However, this comes at the expense of increased centralization compared to Ethereum. SOL is the native token of the Solana blockchain and is used for staking and transactions. 

What are the benefits of Solana (SOL)?

One of the main benefits of Solana is its proof-of-history method of proving transactions are in the correct sequence and found by the correct person. Solana’s blockchain is divided into a series of periods where the validator analyzes transactions and then produces a block. In this system, leaders are chosen ahead of each slot which ultimately saves time. Validators are called nodes and a specific node is chosen as the “leader.” Each node is then responsible for counting the passage of time (proof-of-history sequence) for each block they are chosen for. This system increases transaction time and lowers latency meaning transactions are cheaper as well. 

Should I buy Solana (SOL)?

As DeFi and NFTs have continued to boom over the past few years, Ethereum’s network has become increasingly overwhelmed and expensive. As a result, Solana is becoming a viable option for others looking for faster and cheaper transactions. It’s too early to tell if Solana will be the next Ethereum but for those that believe in this project and its future potential, then there is certainly more room for growth in the coming years. As always, do your research before buying any cryptocurrency. 

How to get an instant SOL loan

Don’t sell your SOL. Use it as collateral for an instant crypto loan and get up to 90% of your collateral’s value in a variety of currencies. We have SOL to USD loans, SOL to EUR loans, SOL to GBP loans, SOL to CHF loans, and stablecoin loans as well. Simply deposit SOL today, choose a loan plan – or create a custom one yourself – and you’ll receive up to 30,000 in a currency of your choice in seconds. 

How to borrow Solana - How does it work?

With our Crypto-Backed Loan service, you can borrow BTC, USDT, USD, EUR, GBP, or CHF only. That means if you want to borrow SOL you first must convert one of the above to fiat and convert it to SOL using our exchange service. 

Solana loan calculator

You can use our SOL loan calculator with different loan plans to find the best option for you. You can see all parameters on the form such as loan duration, price down limit, and loan repayment. If you want to loan Solana, please check the calculator first to see which plan works best for you. 

Solana lending process

Solana lending is easy with YouHodler. Just open and verify your account, deposit your crypto to the wallet and use it as collateral for your future SOL loans.

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