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How to Get Instant XLM Loan on YouHodler

Depending on who you ask, Stellar (XLM) means many things. According to the company, however, Stellar is an open source and distributed payments infrastructure. This is apparently built on the premise that the world needed a “worldwide financial network open to anyone. Hence, they aim to connect individual people and various payment systems through its platform. As one of our listed tokens, YouHodler would like to fully introduce Stellar to our community and show them why an XLM loan is one of the most valuable around.

What is Stellar and why should you get an XLM loan

Just like all other promising cryptocurrencies (XRP excluded), Stellar crypto is all about decentralization. Their network was built to run on a web of independent, decentralized servers that are all supported by a global group of individuals. These servers support the blockchain that keeps track of the network’s transactions and data.

To put it simply, Stellar works much like PayPal or another money transfer service. To use it, one must upload funds to the network. Just like PayPal or a bank, this location holds onto your money and then gives credit to a virtual wallet. Hence, users can send funds instantly around the world without having to wait for any bank transfer. Sounds like a nice idea in theory but why get an XLM loan? Does it have value? Let’s analyze this in more detail.

What are the pros and cons of XLM

XLM HODLers are a passionate community that don’t want to sell their assets. That’s why an XLM loan is one of the most popular options on YouHodler. Let's see this list of pros and cons to weigh the differences.


  • Inflation mechanism steadily adds new XLM to the network at a rate of 1% each year.
  • Can execute multi-currency transactions and acts as a decentralized exchange
  • XLM is one of the fastest cryptos with transaction speeds of 5 seconds
  • partnerships with reputable companies like IBM.


  • The Stellar team is often known for their lack of transparency.
  • Stellar holds majority of XL and SDF founders signed an agreement not to sell any lumens initially received for at least five years.

Some final thoughts on why you should get and XLM loan

It’s hard to think negatively about Stellar, especially since the community remains so positive and the team regularly releases great news. Will it ever top XRP as the main cross-border payments option? Well, that’s too early to say. Both offer different aspects for a different audience but that being said, this is a fantastic time to get an XLM loan. Most HODLers would agree to not sell your XLM assets, as they will only go up in value in the long run. Instead, go to YouHodler.com today and get an instant cash XLM loan (XLM to USD, XLM to EUR).

You can use this loan to hedge, leverage, convert or simply pay the bills. Alternatively, you can convert XLM to any other crypto or fiat listed on YouHodler’s platform.

To learn how to get an XLM loan, buy XLM, sell Stellar and everything else you can do with XLM on YouHodler, check out our help desk tutorials right here.

How to borrow Stellar - How does it work?

With our Crypto-Backed Loan service, you can borrow BTC, USDT, USD, EUR, GBP, or CHF only. That means if you want to borrow XLM, you first must convert one of the above to fiat and convert it to XLM using our exchange service. 

Stellar loan calculator

You can use our XLM loan calculator with different loan plans to find the best option for you. You can see all parameters on the form such as loan duration, price down limit, and loan repayment. If you want to loan Stellar, please check the calculator first to see which plan works best for you. 

Stellar lending process

Stellar lending is easy with YouHodler. Just open and verify your account, deposit your crypto to the wallet and use it as collateral for your future XLM loans.

It's worth trying! Forget selling your 
 with instant crypto backed loans on YouHodler

If you would like to learn more about crypto credits, please continue to the app. Start boosting your crypto portfolio now with YouHodler's crypto lending, convert, buy and sell options.

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