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How to Get Instant BCH Loan on YouHodler

On the 1st of August, 2017, the Bitcoin Network had a controversial fork. A fork that ultimately led to the creation of a brand new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash (BCH). If you held any Bitcoin at the time of this fore, then you instantly received an equivalent amount of BCH after the fork. Then in 2020, yet another fork happened that created Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN). So what do you do with all this newly acquired crypto? Well, one option is a BCHN loan but we’ll get to that later. First, a small introduction.

Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin: what's the difference?

Since the beginning of Bitcoin, there has been a debate amongst the community about the best way to scale BTC to attract more users. The simplest solution was to increase the max block size limit. Bitcoin’s block size limit is one megabyte (around 250,000 transactions per day). Bitcoin Cash, however, decided to raise the limit to 8MB, meaning it can process more than 2 million transactions per day. Ultimately, this means quicker payments and lower fees. Other than that, there is not much of a difference between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.

However, there is quite a difference between Bitcoin Cash Node and Bitcoin Cash. What this new fork means is that miner tax has been removed from the source code, meaning 80% of miners from Bitcoin Cash now favor BCHN, making it the dominant choice after the hard fork.

How to get an instant BCH loan on YouHodler

Many online retailers are starting to accept BCH as a payment option due to its low fees and fast transaction speed. However, there are still plenty of people who prefer to HODL their BCH. For those that want to HODL BCH but still unlock the value of their holdings, then a BCH to USD or a BCH to EUR loan will help.

Simply head to and sign up today. A BCH loan can get you up to 90% in cash back. Use this cash to hedge or leverage your portfolio. Alternatively, use it to pay off mining expenses or bills at home. There is no shortage what you can do with a BCH loan on YouHodler.

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How to borrow Bitcoin Cash - How does it work?

With our Crypto-Backed Loan service, you can borrow BTC, USDT, USD, EUR, GBP, or CHF only. That means if you want to borrow BCH you first must convert one of the above to fiat and convert it to BCH using our exchange service. 

Bitcoin Cash loan calculator

You can use our BCH loan calculator with different loan plans to find the best option for you. You can see all parameters on the form such as loan duration, price down limit, and loan repayment. If you want to loan Bitcoin Cash, please check the calculator first to see which plan works best for you. 

Bitcoin Cash lending process

Bitcoin Cash lending is easy with YouHodler. Just open and verify your account, deposit your crypto to the wallet and use it as collateral for your future BCH loans.

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