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YouHodler Client’s Heart-Warming Story Wins Him 200 USDT

July 9, 2019
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Last week, YouHodler announced the winner of our first-ever, success story contest. As mentioned in that article, there were so many wonderful success stories, that we had a hard time picking just one. Take this heart-warming tale from Vladimir Frolov for example.

It immediately captured the attention of the whole YouHodler community that we had to give him a small reward. In addition, a key requirement for choosing this second winner was a number of likes and comments. By the end, Vladimir amassed 28 likes and 16 comments.

Here is the story in detail and perhaps it will inspire more goodwill like this in the future.

“YouHodler Platform and My Success Story” - by Vladimir Frolov

The beginning of the way

On the morning of the 4th of June, I woke up with disturbing thoughts. It was less than two weeks before Father's Day, and I still had no gift for my dad. By this time, I already knew perfectly well what I wanted to gift him.

My father always knew how to appreciate time, and his watches, which he acquired in his student era, always helped him in this. Before it stopped, my father wore this watch for 30 years, removing it from his mighty hand only while sleeping.

So, I needed to find no less worthy replacement for this watch, but I didn’t have enough cash. Then I suddenly thought: “ Stop, I have a portfolio of various cryptocurrency assets. How can I use it?”

Honestly, I really did not want to sell my crypto. I sincerely believe in the development of cryptocurrency, so I prefer long-term investments and the “ HODL “ strategy.

Thinking over all this, I remembered one interesting project - YouHodler. YouHodler is a unique platform that enables users to get instant loans using their digital assets as collateral. In other words, we get cash, retaining ownership of our cryptocurrency. It was just what I needed.

After registering on the platform, I immediately passed the KYC verification and confirmed my identity. Then I started to think about which cryptocurrency I want to use as collateral. YouHodler allows you to work with many different coins, such as ETH, XRP, LTC, etc., but I decided to bet on the king of the market - Bitcoin.

I sent to the platform 0.061 BTC and began to study the tariff plans. According to my forecasts, Bitcoin should have continued its ascent and I also needed to get at least $ 400 for a gift to my father. Considering these factors, I made a choice in favor of the Bull Run tariff.

A few seconds after clicking on the button, my credit was already approved and the required amount of USD was displayed in the balance. With the help of YouHodler, we can withdraw money directly to a bank card, but I decided to use internal exchange and convert USD to USDT (instantly and absolutely free).

The issue with the money was resolved, and I decided to focus on the gift…

June 16th, Father's Day

The joy on the face of loved ones is the best reward that a person can achieve in life. My father regained control over time, and I received sincere pleasure from being able to help him in this.

All's well that ends well

But what happened to my loan? I repaid it 2 weeks after opening my crypto loan and returned my funds in full. During this time, BTC course has grown from 7996 USD to 9240 USD, and with it the value of my portfolio has increased.

Final thoughts

With the help of YouHodler, I achieved several goals at once: I made a valuable gift to my father, I kept my investment portfolio intact and made money by increasing the value of my assets.

As I said, YouHodler is a unique platform with many features, and I will definitely continue to explore it!


What an inspiring story! From the whole team at YouHodler, we want to thank Vladimir and everyone for participating in this success story contest. Given all the submissions, we’ll surely do another one like it soon.

If you don’t have a success story to share, then go to today to explore all the tools we have to strengthen your crypto portfolio and create your very own positive story. 

What contest would you like to see next? Have any creative ideas? If so, please reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter (@YouHodler). Looking forward to hearing from you!

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