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How to Mourn the Loss of Your Crypto With YouHodler (and Profit!)

September 25, 2019
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Well, as of today, we are officially in a Shitty September. The losses are painful for all of us. We literally watched our portfolios shrink in merely hours. Yes, we all deserve some time to mourn. However, after that, it’s time to start strategizing. YouHodler has all the right tools you need to take advantage of this bad situation and profit in the long run.

Will Shitty September segue into Red October?

Today is most certainly a red day for the crypto market. Within hours, Bitcoin (BTC) plummeted from $9,500 to a low of $7,800. We haven’t seen prices or volatility like this in a long time. Not since June of this year in fact. So what happened exactly?

Simply put, the market overheated. One could blame this on the Bakkt hype or several other factors. The fact is that Bitcoin is finally busting out of a “consolidation phase” that started about three months ago and as a result, we’re seeing the price plummet. Could these bearish signals continue into  a “Red October?” Possibly. But there is some good news.

It’s time to buy more BTC (and YouHodler can help)

Despite the red market and the bearish situation, Bitcoin is on a red nine right now. This is a buy signal based on something called the TD sequential indicator. We could do a deep dive on all things technical analysis but the moral of the story is that Bitcoin will bounce up eventually and now is a good time to start rebuilding your portfolio and buy BTC. YouHodler’s Turbo Loans were designed specifically for this situation. 

Turbo Loans help users create an automatic’ chain of loans” in one click. Pushing the “Turbocharge” button uses the fiat from the first loan in the chain to buy more crypto without any purchase fee. Users can create a chain of loans consisting of 3 - 10 loans for all coins on the platform.

As you’ll see in the screenshot below, the interest fee on each loan also reduces with each additional loan in the chain. The end result is the user multiplies their original collateral. When the market goes back up, and the value of crypto increases, then it’s time to pay back the loan plus interest and keep all the profits. 

In addition to Turbo Loans, we have helpful trading features like "Set Close Price" to better help you manage your open positions. With thi feature ( aka. Take Profit ) you spend less time watching the market and waiting for the price growth.

As soon as the price of your crypto-collateral reaches the Take Profit point, our platform sells the collateral to repay the loan and you receive the profit from the selling operation to your wallet. See this help desk article to understand the full potential of Take Profit and other popular YouHodler features.

So when you’re done mourning the loss of your portfolio, head over to YouHodler.com and start making it stronger than ever before. 

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