How to HODL Smartly (and Profit)

Aug 16, 2019
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We would like to share another great instance of our customers using YouHodler resulting in a nice profit (just by "hodling").

Since February 2019, one of our users started to get loans from YouHodler. He had 5 BTC which he used as collateral. The initial BTC price of his 1st loan was 3285,058000 EUR. On 16 April, when the price was 4482,9 EUR, he closed his loan. Then, the price of BTC grew ~40% in 2 months. Deducting YouHodler commission, that results in ~27% in total he earned from his 1st loan. 

Do you think he stopped there and passively held on to his crypto? Nope! Soon after closing his 1st loan, he opened another one with the same collateral of 5 BTC. The initial BTC price at that time was 4494.9EUR. When he closed his loan on 9 August 2019, BTC price was 10571.5 EUR. During that time, BTC price pumped ~ +130%. Just imagine from the 1st loan he got 9,855 EUR, then in 2 months, he took 12358 EUR and STILL kept Hodling on to his 5 BTC!

If we deduct the YouHodler commission, the customer received ~117% of pure profit. Not bad, yeah? But not good enough to stop our customer.

He then took yet another loan with and initial price of 10120$. It’s still active and considering BTC price movement for the last few months, it has a chance to make this owner even more wealthy. Why is he so special that we decided to talk about him?

We are sure that he is 1 out of 100 who uses his funds reasonably and not just wait when the price reaches or goes above the rate when he bought his Bitcoins. Many Hodlers just wait for a price pump and keep passively Hodling. But proactive YouHodler customers take the initiative and multiply their portfolio without selling their cryptocurrency. 

Here you may check the details of the loan for our customer who doesn't fear crypto loans

1) loan 2019-02-27
Collateral 5 BTC
The initial price of 3285
Borrowed amount of 9855 EUR
Loan paid off 2019-04-16
Closed price of 4,482

2) loan 2019-04-16 (a couple of hours after the 1st one was closed)
 Collateral 5 BTC
Initial price of 4494
Borrowed amount 12358 EUR
Loan paid off 2019-08-09
Closed price of 10,500

3) loan 2019-08-12
Collateral 5 BTC
Initial price 10120
Borrowed amount 27830 EUR
Loan is still active

In February 2019, our mentioned customer had 5 BTC in his pocket. The initial BTC price was 3285$. Instead of just Hodling or selling it, he decided to take a loan and use borrowed cash. He would have around 16K if he sells it at that moment. His portfolio increased from 16K (if he sold his BTC in February) to 50K in August and what is very important, he still continues Hodling 5 BTC. Moreover, he can use 27830$ in cash! You could make the comparison of having a Lambo locked in a garage. What is the reason for locked Lambo? Do you really even own it at that point?

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