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Borrow to Get More Crypto

Clone your collateral and benefit in case of further price growth! Turbocharge is based on the "cascade of loans" principle.

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Turbocharge is structured in the form of multiple collateralized loans and provided by YouHodler SA.

  • Clone your crypto up to ×8 with 90% LTV 7 day tariff.
  • Fixed fee. No rollover fees. Cheaper than trading.
  • Set Take Profit price and not miss a bullrun.
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YouHodler has a Turbocharge service, which allows users to get a chain of loans. The platform uses borrowed fiat to purchase additional cryptocurrency without commission and then uses it as collateral for other loans in the chain.

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Available for ×8 Turbocharge

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How Turbocharge Works?

1 Transfer crypto to your YouHodler wallet

Your initial amount of crypto will be used as collateral for a first loan.

2 Calculate turbocharged amount

The platform automatically uses borrowed funds from the first loan to buy more crypto and get another loan. This step is repeated from 3 to 15 times – as many as you’d like.

3 Set your Take Profit price

Sometimes a bullrun is too fast to take manual action. Once your collateral coin hits the Take Profit price, YouHodler automatically uses the collateral to repay the fees. You get the rest of the crypto back and benefit from the price's growth.

4 Repay or close all loans at anytime

You can repay the full amount and get up to ×6.5 of your collateral for the initial price. Also, you can use collateral to repay the loan and take the rest of your crypto ("Close now" option).

5 Manage your Turbocharge

Use our list of advanced features to manage your Turbocharge conditions and react to the market’s movements:

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