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YouHodler’s TurboLoans Help You Profit When the Market is Down (Here’s How)

August 15, 2019
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Renowned psychologist Robert Cialdini states that “the actions of those around us will be important in defining the answer.” In this case, the answer to Cialdini’s question is how people decide to act when using a group mentality. Use the current crypto market as a prime example. When prices begin to drop, herd mentality begins to kick in, resulting in rapid selling and further drops in prices. Yet, YouHodler developed a tool specifically for this situation. A tool that lets users multiply their crypto assets at a discounted red. 

Use Turbo Loans in a bear market to multiply 1 BTC to over 200%

While most people see red in the market as a clear sign to sell, other, more creative thinkers see red as an opportunity. Bear markets mean crypto is cheaper and YouHodler’s Turbo Loans can help you get even more crypto for a cheaper price. Eventually, setting yourself up for high profits during the next bull run. 

Turbo Loans work by offering up crypto as collateral in exchange for a fiat loan. However, instead of pocketing that fiat money for yourself, YouHodler’s automated process takes that fiat to buy more crypto to use as collateral for another loan in the chain. This process can be repeated three to five times and starts with just one click of a button.

The end result is having more crypto than you started out with for a reduced rate. In the screenshot below, you’ll see how one client used 1 BTC as collateral and turned it into 2.77 BTC by the end. But now you’re probably thinking, what if the market continues to fall? Well, to answer that question, one must look at the bigger picture.

“Zoom out and think big” when it comes to crypto

Murad Mahmudov, Former Goldman Sachs analysts and turned “Bitcoin bull” sticks by his word that BTC will someday hit $100,000, even despite the recent market downturn. Mahmudov took to Twitter on August 13 to say “at first glance, this looks like a weak chop for the next week or so but my intuition tells me there is steady accumulation happening at these levels. Don’t try to outsmart yourself on short timeframes, zoom out & think big.”

Give Turbo Loans a try and let us know what you think

So all that being said, there is no better time than now to give Turbo Loans a try. We recommend using the Turbo Loan feature if you want to multiply your crypto assets using a series of chain loans. In order to simply get cash with on a single loan, please, use the classic crypto-backed loans.

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