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Don’t Panic (Keep Hodling): A Message From YouHodler

The YouHodler Team
March 13, 2020
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The crypto market’s tanking. The stock market’s tanking. Oil prices are tanking and coronavirus is spreading like wildfire throughout the world. It’s easy to understand why so many people are panicking in a time like this but YouHodler is here to say “relax”. Instead, let’s focus on the long term, the big picture. If you have faith in this technology, as YouHodler does, then you know this is the worst time to panic sell and the best to keep hodling, or better yet, buy more crypto. 

The crypto market: why it’s behaving this way and how to find a solution

Before the crypto market started to plummet, the traditional market set some records in the red as well. Once that happened, there was essentially a 50% chance the crypto market would respond in a positive way or a negative way. 

On one hand, there was the opportunity to see huge growth in the crypto market as a result of the traditional market crash. Many people thought the value of Bitcoin, for example, would increase dramatically as it acted as an alternative store of value and a hedging mechanism. However, what we saw was the opposite.

Because of unstable stock markets, people are afraid and stockpiling cash. As a result, many people decided to exit the crypto market which is causing the universal drops we see right now. That being said, YouHodler believes these people are lacking long term foresight. If you need cash in dire times like these, then that’s understandable but don’t sell. Keep your crypto and get cash via a crypto-backed loan so you don’t miss out on the bright crypto future ahead of us.

Cryptocurrency’s future is very bright (don’t miss out now)

Despite what you see in prices right now, the cryptocurrency market in 2020 is actually very promising. Compared to just two years ago, the technology is incredibly well-developed and attracting many institutional investors. Whether it’s Visa partnering with Coinbase, Fidelity offering a crypto mutual fund or Facebook trying their hand at a digital currency, the signs are clear that crypto is here to stay.

The future of crypto represents not a replacement to fiat currency but an alternative to those who wish to participate in a more liberating monetary system. As governments continue to lay down the regulatory foundation for this new technology, risks and volatility will eventually dissolve into a stabilized product that will bring unique innovation to the world of finance. So if you’re thinking about exiting the market for good because of market conditions, perhaps you should give that another thought. Not only is it time to HODL even more aggressively than before but it’s one of the best times in recent years to enter the market. 

No better time than now to buy crypto and multiply your portfolio

If you need cash, you need cash. But as described earlier, don’t sell your crypto assets. Take a crypto backed loan to get access to instant cash when you need it and avoid selling your precious crypto assets. For those that want to be a little more aggressive in a bear market, then this is the perfect time to use YouHodler’s MultiHODL and Turbocharge feature.

Buying crypto at the bottom of the market is beneficial for a couple of reasons. Firstly, one can buy crypto at a discounted rate. Then later, when the market moves up, you can profit off that investment. Turbocharge and MultiHODL help you buy more crypto using the power of loans. Also in the future, we will have a new short position mechanic that will offer lending solutions to helps users sell more crypto and profit from that sale. It is the same mechanic as MultiHODL and Turbo but instead of using loans to buy crypto, we will lend you crypto to sell for your benefit. 

The point of these features is to help YouHodler clients benefit regardless of market conditions. Selling crypto out of fear is a one dimensional way to get cash. But YouHodler offers many diverse solutions to help you get cash, keep crypto and potentially profit from market movements in all directions.

                                  LET YOUR CRYPTO DO MORE WHILE YOU HODL

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