Cryptocurrency Trading Course: An Overview of the Best Resources

Nov 7, 2020
People in class ready for their cryptocurrency trading course

Education is essential to develop your understanding of the blockchain industry further. However, finding high-quality information that is freely accessible is often not easy. 

Your best bet is knowledge centers, YouTube videos, or blog posts. The problem with blog posts is that they are too short to go in-depth. Also, the goal of a blog post is different. Websites design blog posts to funnel users to a product by providing them with nuggets of valuable knowledge. They may still act as an excellent resource for learning about specific aspects of crypto trading.

Luckily, you can still find plenty of high-quality resources to educate yourself about cryptocurrency projects and crypto trading. YouHodler itself also has a very in-depth Help Desk Portal where you can read descriptive articles on our most popular features like Savings Accounts, Multi HODL, Turbocharge, and more.

This blog post lists resources for the following categories.

  1. Crypto trading strategies
  2. Crypto newsletters
  3. Crypto education
  4. Bonus: Best YouHodler resources

Cryptocurrency Trading Course: Trading Strategies

When we start our crypto trading journey, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of crypto trading strategies. Many crypto trading strategies exist, such as day trading, swing trading, or scalping. Learn to apply each trading strategy and what works best for your trading capital and risk appetite.

Moreover, we also look at technical indicators and industrial analysis to make up your crypto trading strategy.

1. Technical Indicators [YouTube]

Many resources exist to learn more about technical indicators. A technical indicator helps you to derive advanced information from charts using mathematical algorithms. Some of the most popular trading indicators include RSI, MACD, or Fibonacci. As we can find many resources about technical indicators, we’ve picked a couple of high-value YouTube videos to get you started.

ClayTrader explains the top 5 technical indicators you should know. Further, The Secret Mindset teaches you how you can combine trading indicators. It’s vital that you know which indicators work well together to become a better trader. Different types of technical indicators exist such as trend, momentum, volatility, and volume indicators. 

Lastly, Trading212 explains how you can use the RSI indicator to generate trading signals. The RSI indicator is a momentum indicator that measures if a crypto asset is overbought or oversold by measuring the magnitude of recent price changes.

2. Day trading and Swing Trading [Udemy] 

The Bloom Team has created an excellent cryptocurrency trading course for advanced traders. This cryptocurrency trading course focuses on day and swing trading in particular. Topics that this course covers:

  • Market making
  • Triangular arbitrage
  • Market neutral mean reversion
  • Market neutral momentum
  • Risk and money management

This is the only paid course on this list. Note that Udemy organizes many firesales and offers discount codes so you can grab this course for a low price between $10-20. 

3. Industrial Analysis

As a trader, you must stay up-to-date with the most recent crypto trends. OKEx offers an extensive list of market insights that tell you more about the current trends. For example, they cover high-impact partnerships such as PayPal’s crypto adoption, take a look at non-fungible tokens, or analyze new DeFi trends.

Crypto Newsletters

We can’t miss out on newsletters on this overview. They provide a digestible way to stay on top of crypto project updates and crypto events. The crypto space is vast, and projects want to share updates to grab your attention. Therefore, it’s demanding to stay on top of all news and find the most meaningful information. This is especially true for day traders who rely on news-based trading. 

Covered newsletters:

Week in Ethereum covers the most noticeable events for the Ethereum industry. Evan Van Ness curates Week in Ethereum. He’s a noteworthy person in the Ethereum industry. Note that this is a weekly newsletter. So if real-time news matters for you, this is not your best option.

Next, the Staking Economy newsletter provides a twice-monthly recap of developments from the world of Proof-of-Stake crypto assets. They mainly cover network updates and hot discussion topics.

Lastly, EthHub covers weekly Ethereum news and brings a mix of news, project updates, interesting tweets, and ecosystem blog posts or podcasts. In other words, you get a nice mix of content to digest!

Crypto Education

Crypto education focuses on learning more about specific crypto projects. Never invest in a project you don’t understand. Luckily, many great YouTube channels and academy pages teach you the basics of each project. Better education allows you to make smarter investment decisions. 

Education matters, especially for crypto investing, as many projects get very technical. Therefore, learning about a project will help you to understand the real value a project offers. This understanding is also part of fundamental analysis, where you try to make long-term investment predictions based on the problem a project is trying to solve.

Covered sources:

Bitcoin for Beginners covers a mix of project deep dives as trading tips and tool reviews. The team consists of a Silicon Valley engineer, banker, and film producer who shares a passion for Bitcoin trading. This mix of skills allows them to make informative YouTube videos about blockchain-related topics.

Further, Binance Academy is a great resource for traders. Obviously, the resources are tailored toward their platform. The academy trading section offers a context mix about trading strategies and tips.

Lastly, Coin Bureau is one of the best YouTube sources for project deep dives. They do a great job at labeling their videos and explaining advanced concepts to beginners. To give an example, we love their video that covers UMA protocol. They present blockchain topics calmly and understandably with useful on-screen information.

Bonus: Best YouHodler Resources

YouHodler also believes that crypto education matters. That’s why we offer educational resources in various domains, such as crypto trading, technical subjects, and crypto terminology. Why do you need a cryptocurrency trading course when you can learn about many aspects of crypto trading using our free resources?

Here’s an overview of our best resources!

  1. What are stablecoins, and which are the most popular stablecoins?
  2. Which trading strategies exist? How to get started with day trading or margin trading?
  3. How to diversify your crypto portfolio?
  4. Top 5 Strategies Professional Crypto Traders use to Maximize Profits
  5. 6 Simple Steps to Manage Risk and Emotions When Trading Crypto
  6. What are Crypto Trading Signals? A detailed guide
  7. What is Decentralized Finance? The Ultimate Guide to DeFi
  8. Crypto Lending 101 - All Lending Jargon Explained

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