Share Your Succes Story For a Chance to Win 1000 USDT

May 24, 2019

What is “success”? If we go by the literal definition, it’s the accomplishment of a previously defined goal or task. Everyone has different definitions of success though. What’s yours? YouHodler wants to hear it!

Week after week, YouHodler shares our exciting news and features with you. While we’re certainly happy about our success, it’s time the community gives back with some success stories of their own. That’s why we are holding a contest for the very best success stories you all have to offer.

Here a few real success stories from our clients to use as an example:

“Last month, I was in between jobs and in a few days, my apartment rent was due. I didn’t have enough cash on me to pay the landlord but I had my crypto holdings. I was prepared to sell them in order to pay my living expenses but then I found out about YouHodler. With this platform, I was able to get an instant cash loan using my BTC as collateral. With YouHodler’s high LTV ratio, I got the most value for my crypto without having to sell. Once I got my job back and had an income again, I paid back my loan and never sacrificed my crypto holdings. Now with the crypto market on the rise, my BTC portfolio is growing fast again thanks to YouHodler!”

— YouHodler client Kiki

“I am a Bitcoin SV HODLer. With all the drama surrounding Craig Wright and BSV these past months, the price of my holdings started to drop. I didn’t want to sell and risk losing all my profit so instead, I used BSV for a crypto-backed line of credit on YouHodler. With their generous loan terms, I was able to get cash for my BSV and wait to see if the situation changed. Now that the price of BSV is rising, I can pay back my loan, get BSV and actually sell it at profit. With YouHodler, no one has to “panic sell” ever again. Excellent service!”

— YouHodler client Seb

“In May, I conducted a YouHodler experiment. When BTC was $7,370, I used 0.02 BTC as collateral for a loan worth $121 in Tether (USDT). My loan terms included 80% LTV and a 5% interest rate. I then converted this USDT back to BTC using YouHodler’s conversion features. Since the market was experiencing a rally, the next day saw BTC jump up to $8,000. If I repaid my loan that day (with $127.51) I would have gotten my 0.02 BTC back at $160 (+20% increase). However, I decided to wait a little bit more and see how much money I could make off this small loan. It was a little risky, but it worked great! Thanks, YouHodler!”

–YouHodler client Thomas

The rules of this contest are as follows:

  1. IMPORTANT! Make sure you are a citizen of one of YouHodler’s supported countries. (Full list here).
  2. Pass YouHodler’s “know your customer” (KYC) verification.
  3. Write your story! Show how you benefited from YouHodler (even if it was just to buy a pizza). Whatever you love most from YouHodler, we want to hear it!
  4. Join our Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Telegram channel (@YouHodler).
  5. On a social network of your choice or in our official Telegram group, share how you benefited from YouHodler and what YouHodler’s feature you like most. Use hashtag #YouHodlerStoryTime
  6. The winner will be picked after we review all stories and announced on 1, July 2019.
  7. The winner will receive 1000 USDT (payable in USDT or crypto).

We will verify each story submission from our side to check for validity. While this is the first “success story contest” in YouHodler’s history, we hope to have many more like it. So don’t be shy, keep using all our features and record your success stories for a future chance to win!

Thanks for your participation everyone and we look forward to hearing from all of you.

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