YouHodler Quarterly Review: Q1 2023

Apr 7, 2023
YouHodler quarter 1 2023 in Review

With 2023 fully underway, YouHodler is happy to say we’ve had a very productive first quarter. From January through March, we’ve been busy every week, attending international events, conducting meetings, releasing new products, and new updates and expanding our global team. We have reached a record high monthly volume - 2Bn+ in March. 

Covering the above in detail, here’s what we’ve accomplished in Q1 2023. 

YouHodler Launches Cloud Miner Reward System

In January, YouHodler introduced its newest feature to the platform - Cloud Miner. Cloud Miner is a crypto mining simulator and loyalty program that rewards YouHodler clients for completing simple tasks on the platform.

Think of it as a crypto mining-themed, gamified experience that mimics the same benefits of mining without using any CPU resources or harming the environment

As a new feature, Cloud Miner comes with some new terms and techniques to learn. Thankfully, we have this blog article - and the YouTube video below - to catch you up to speed. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s your time.


YouHodler Joins Ledger Live

In March, YouHodler announced one of its most exciting updates yet. In partnership with Ledger Live, YouHodler is now available in the Ledger Live app for desktop, Android and iOS. 

This allows Ledger Live users to access simple crypto loans featuring YouHodler’s industry-best 90% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and over 45 coins to choose from as collateral. Best of all, this is all possible without ever leaving the safety and security of your Ledger hardware wallet. 

To learn more about how to use your cryptocurrency as collateral for a loan on Ledger Live  - and why it’s beneficial - check out this blog post now.


US banking crisis response and tier-one media fame

The last month of Q1 saw fear flood traditional stock markets as several high-profile, regional banks in the U.S. - and one in Switzerland - collapsed. While the crypto market responded valiantly to the news, it was still a very uncertain time for everyone.

To address these concerns, YouHodler wrote an article that we recommend everyone check out right here.  

It clarifies how we had no exposure to those failed banks and breaks down some very interesting data about past and present future banking crises. We also give you some “pro tips” on how to find opportunities in a potential economic downfall.

Speaking of finding opportunities, YouHodler's CEO was featured as a thought leader in several high-profile news articles following the events of the banking crisis.

You can find his quotes in:

YouHodler ‘Triomphes’ at Paris Blockchain Week 2023

For the second consecutive year, YouHodler attended and participated in Paris Blockchain Week. As usual, we set up a booth there, presenting YouHodler to Europe’s top leaders in the Web3 space. In addition, our CEO Ilya Volkov took the stage for panel discussions on the state of the crypto industry. 

It was a busy yet eventful few days. Also, we’re pleased to say we formed some new, strategic partnerships that will result in some great announcements coming soon. Stay tuned! 

Ilya gave a nice summary of Paris Blockchain Week with some photos of our time there in the Twitter thread below. 

Progress in Italy soars to new heights

Since opening our doors to Italian customers in 2022, YouHodler’s popularity has only continued to grow. Some notable Q1 statistics include:

  • 230% increase in signups
  • 157% increase in opened Multi HODL deals
  • 116% increase in deposits

We’ve continued to create new social media accounts in the Italian language and have seen good results on platforms like Instagram. Follow us! (@YouHodlerItalia).

As for our Torino FC partnership, our relationship with the beloved football club continues to grow stronger. The recent NFT campaign with Torino FC was a great success and we look forward to offering our clients more exclusive benefits in the future. 

We also want to announce a new deal with the Torino FC shop that offers 20% cashback in Bitcoin to all YouHodler clients that purchase products in the Torino FC shop. 

To do so, simply

  1. Buy a product from the Torino FC store
  2. Send YouHodler your order confirmation
  3. Receive Bitcoin in your YouHodler wallet

The trend in Italy continues to rise and we are excited to offer more products to help the wonderful people of this country. Thanks for your support thus far!

Company stats for Q1 2023

For global stats, YouHodler also has a lot to share. Q1 2023 was a very productive quarter for the platform. We recorded increases in every statistical category. 

For example, in Community Growth we recorded a 

  • 44% increase in active users (compared to the previous quarter)
  • 102% increase in registrations (compared to the previous quarter)

  • 107% increase in total platform volume ($2.462 billion as of March 2023)

On the customer support side, we successfully reduced ID verification time to under 2 minutes and kept our median response time to around 2 minutes - cementing our legacy as one of the best FinTech platforms with REAL support agents. 

For a complete range of YouHodler Stats, please visit our stats page.

Q1 2023: Final Thoughts 

The first quarter of 2023 was eventful, to say the least. If we could use one word to describe that quarter, “volatile” is it. However, as many loyal YouHodler clients know, the best opportunities are found in volatility. 

YouHodler’s progress since January is a direct result of that philosophy. From a client perspective, the same opportunities are there and YouHodler is here to help you take advantage of them.

For Q2, we have no plans of slowing down. Innovation is a full-time job and we aim to bring you even more great features, platform updates and beneficial partnerships. 

As always, don’t forget to follow us on social media for important news and follow our blog for educational content and other announcements. 

Thank you for your support and here’s to a great upcoming second quarter.

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