YouHodler Launches Cloud Mining Reward System

Jan 23, 2023
YouHodler launches cloud miner service

Start cloud mining on YouHodler

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A core pillar of YouHodler’s philosophy is taking a “client-first” approach to evolution. We want to empower you via innovative financial services and help you use digital assets in creative ways. YouHodler provides this with our yield accounts, MultiHODL trading tool, and more.

We are adding yet another feature for your benefit and to help us invest in client retention and loyalty. 

Introducing, Cloud Miner. Cloud Miner is YouHodler’s newest feature, a crypto mining simulator and reward system that awards users for completing simple tasks. In short, it’s a Mining simulator built around the idea to simplify and gamify the Bitcoin mining process. Without using the user’s device CPU resources, anyone can receive actual Bitcoins. 

YouHodler’s “Cloud Miner” will shortly become a part of our brand-new complex Loyalty Program.

A gamified approach to cloud mining 

We are always looking for interesting ways to add more value to crypto enthusiasts. Since our creation in 2018, YouHodler remains a firm believer in innovative genome methodologies - looking at current market features and analyzing how to reimagine them in unique ways.

That’s why we’ve created this solution for you - a creative new “gamified” approach to mining with rewards as high as 0.0001 BTC for a simple click. 

With this one-of-a-kind reward system, we are empowering our clients to use cryptocurrency in new and exciting ways. In times when other companies are making it more difficult for clients to participate in the digital economy, YouHodler is finding contemporary solutions for crypto enthusiasts to use and earn more assets.  

How does Cloud Miner work on YouHodler?

Cloud Miner consists of an eight-level, gamified “miner’s journey.” These levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: Newbie
  • Level 2: Basic
  • Level 3: Jumpstart
  • Level 4: Silver
  • Level 5: Gold
  • Level 6: Platinum
  • Level 7: Diamond
  • Level 8: VIP

Each level consists of completing different requirements to unlock more “Sparks,” which are used to mine more blocks and earn more rewards. (As seen in the table below).

Cloud Miner terms to know

YouHodler’s Cloud Miner service is unlike any other on the market. Hence, that comes with new terminology you should learn. Check out the terms below before you get started on your miner’s journey. 

  • Mining level: Your current level in the journey. (Depends on completed requirements).
  • Sparks: The fuel needed to mine blocks. 
  • Free sparks: Sparks that you receive on an hourly basis.
  • Welcome package: The number of Sparks you get once achieving a new level.
  • Blocks: The number of slots available for you to mine.
  • Mining Cost: The number of Sparks needed to mine one block.
  • Mining Speed: How much time it takes to mine one block. 

How to start cloud mining on YouHodler?

As stated before, the Cloud Miner reward system is an adventure. The goal is to collect as many Sparks as possible to increase your mining power and earn more rewards. 

New clients start at  Level 1 (Sign up). If you are an existing client, sign in at the link below and check your level.. Click the button and navigate to the Cloud Miner feature in the left-hand column. Then, simply follow the onscreen instructions.

We hope you enjoy this new, interactive way to earn passive income. 

Disclaimer: YouHodler's Cloud Miner is a mining simulation tool built around the idea to simplify and gamify the bitcoin mining process. The Miner does not use your device's CPU resources.

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