Legend of Cards Poker Tournament (Terms and Conditions)

Jan 4, 2023

Terms and Conditions 

1. Acceptance 

The present terms and conditions for the LoC Poker Tournament (“Game”), organized by Tezza Labs Ptd. Ltd. (“Company”, “we”, “We”, “us”, or “our”) and sponsored by NAUMARD LTD, owner of YouHodler brand, Arch. Makariou III, 172, MELFORD TOWER, Office 106, 3027, Limassol, Cyprus VAT Number 10352653N Reg. HE 352653   (“Sponsor”), set out the terms and conditions for participation in the Game. 

These terms and conditions (“Game Terms”) constitute a legally binding agreement between the Company, Sponsor, and each participant of the Game. 

By accessing and participating in the Game, you are deemed to have read, accepted, executed, and agreed to be bound by these Game Terms, including the Sponsor`s Privacy Notice and AML Policy.  

2. Participation 

The Game is open to individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as of 29 December 2022, create an account through the Sponsor`s Platform after xx January 2023, have an account through the Sponsor`s Platform, fill out the registration form published on the Sponsor’s Platform, and who have agreed to these Game Terms (“Participants”). The Residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China are not allowed to participate in the Game. 

In the registration form, provided by the organizer, individuals will fill in their YouHodler Unique Account Number and Discord ID. 

Receiving a reward or a prize is subject to certain conditions, as described by Section 4 of these Game Terms. Additional information about the number of rewards and prizes is included in the Game plan. 

a) Conduct

Participants understand and agree that they are fully responsible and liable for any illegal or improper conduct throughout their participation during the Game. 

b) Liability

The Participant will be liable for their behavior and conduct during the Game in case of any loss, including reputation loss, towards the Company or Sponsor or any damage done to other Participants. The Company or Sponsor assumes no liability for any action regarding transmissions, communications, or content provided by any Participant.

In case Participants join the Game without agreeing to these Game Terms before participation, they are not entitled to any reward or prize and participate at their own risk. 

3. Game Rules

3.1. The game rules for the Game (“Game Rules”) will be provided on the page indicated by the Company.

3.2. Failure to follow the Game Rules provided during the Game may result in the automatic disqualification from the Game and an automatic forfeiture of any claim to a reward or a prize.

3.3. Company reserves the sole right to cancel or stop the Game at its discretion at any point in time if it suspects any cheating, dishonest conduct, or a hacking attempt or manipulation attempt by any participant or third party.  

4. Rewards and prices

4.1. Participants that have fulfilled all conditions stated in Game terms and other documents related to this Game are eligible to receive a reward in the amount of USD30 in USDC. Participants that have completed the Game and become winners of the Game (“Winners”) receive one of the prizes as specified in Game Rules.

4.2. Participants agree that the reward can only be awarded to their account on Sponsor`s platform and will be fully available once the Youhodler product MultiHODL or DUAL is used and the overall  trading volume on this platform reaches the amount of 2000 USDC.

4.3. Winners agree that the prize can only be awarded to their account on Sponsor`s platform and will be fully available once the trading volume on this platform reaches the amount of 100 times the prize value.

4.4. The rewards and prizes will be awarded to Participants' accounts not later than 31 days after the tournament ends. 

4.5. Participants represent and warrant the following:

  • you are at least eighteen (18) years old and are a  natural person;
  • you have the right, authority, and capacity to agree in a binding way to the Game Terms on your behalf;
  • the information provided to the Sponsor to create the User Account, including all know-your-customer (“KYC”) information and documents are true, up to date, and complete;
  • you are not located in, or a citizen or resident, of any of the countries where the participation in the Game is restricted;
  • you are not located in, or a citizen or resident, of any of the countries where receiving the reward or the prize as stated in Section 4 of these Game Terms is restricted;
  • you have not previously been suspended or removed from using the Sponsor`s services;
  • you shall professionally conduct yourself in all your interactions with the Sponsor;
  • you are not a resident or citizen of the United States or any country listed in US-, EU-, CH- or UN sanction lists or embargos.

    If participants are in breach of these representations and warranties, they might be excluded from any competition or promotion and from using the Sponsor`s Platform if the Sponsor believes that you attempted to register using more than one username or are otherwise involved in fraudulent or illegal activity, regardless of whether such action would have won a prize.

4.6. Participants might be asked via e-mail to provide the Sponsor with additional information needed 

to fulfill all obligations arising from anti-money laundering regulations. If the Participant does not respond to this request within 7 days, he loses the right to the reward. In the case of the prize, the Winner loses his right to the prize and the second-in-line winner will be contacted.

4.7. Participants accept that the Company reserves the right to change or amend the rewards and prizes given out. You shall be notified of any changes to the reward or prize.

5. Disclaimer

You understand that the Company or Sponsor cannot provide you with any legal representation regarding your participation in the Game or access to the reward or prize, and they make no representations as to the legality of the Game and reward or prizes in your country of residence. It is not the Company's or Sponsor's intention to enable you to break any laws that apply to you. You are solely responsible for ensuring no law in your country of residence would prevent you from participating in the Game or accessing the reward or prize.

6. Game Duration

The game is set for 19 January 2023, 26 February 2023, and 2 March 2023.

 7. Contact

7.1. General questions about the Game are available under FAQ under the Organizer’s Platform. Other general questions or comments about the Game Terms should be addressed by contacting the customer support team at basement@legendofcards.io

7.2. The Sponsor provides a Help Portal https://help.youhodler.com/ to have access to information on YouHodler and provided services. Users may use the Help Portal together with all data available in the Platform at any time to receive actual information about Sponsor’s services, features, and other details related to Sponsor’s products and services.

8. Amendments

YouHodler will keep the right to change the rules, conditions, and timing of events for the Game at any given time before or during the event. Any amendments will be notified to the Participants.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

9.1. These Game Terms shall be governed by and construed under Cyprus law. 

9.2. The Parties agree to use all reasonable efforts to resolve any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or concerning these Game Terms and the Game (a "Dispute") by mutual agreement. 

9.3. The Parties irrevocably agree that if the Parties are unable to resolve a Dispute by mutual agreement within fifteen (15) Business Days after the giving by either Party to the other of a notice invoking this provision, then such Dispute shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as preventing any of the Parties from seeking any injunctions or other interim relief in any court of competent jurisdiction; District Courts of Cyprus.

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