Decreased Commissions on Bitcoin Loans; Borrow BTC at a Reduced Rate

Nov 12, 2019
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YouHodler has officially reduced commission on all Bitcoin loans where BTC is the borrowed currency. Not only is YouHodler one of the only crypto lending platforms that lets users Borrow BTC against altcoins as collateral, but now we also have lower commissions than the competition.

See our new low commission on Bitcoin loans

The new commissions for Bitcoin loans (where Bitcoin is the borrowed currency) are as follows:

  • “Extreme” loan plan: 0.90% commission
  • Anti - Crisis” loan plan: 1.90% commission
  • HODLers Favorite” loan plan:  4.90% commission

To borrow BTC is different than other crypto backed loans on YouHodler because the user is receiving BTC in exchange for altcoins instead of USD, EUR or stablecoins. This is significant because it allows clients the unique opportunity to hedge their altcoins with “digital gold,” BTC.

An additional benefit of BTC loan is that the user can convert BTC to fiat right on the platform. With these new commissions, users are saving money on each loan and enjoying this new alternative to fiat loans.

Borrow BTC and explore the benefits of Bitcoin loans

Bitcoin loans are for the active traders and HODLers that want to get additional BTC in their portfolio,  hedge their altcoins on YouHodler and simultaneously benefit from the growth of Bitcoin.

YouHodler’s new commissions are often smaller than that of the Bitcoin market. Hence, users can actually buy BTC (and sell it for fiat) at a cheaper rate if the market conditions are favorable.

“Reopen” available on Bitcoin loans

For fans of our “Reopen” feature, you’ll be happy to know that Reopen is still available when you borrow BTC.

In case a user's loan term is almost over, but the user wants to HODL BTC  even further, our feature “Reopen” is very useful. Click here to read more about it in detail. 

We hope you enjoy these new low commissions on YouHodler Bitcoin loans. These rates are officially live, so follow the link below to take advantage of this great offer to build your portfolio.


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