Dash (DASH) Now Available as Collateral/Conversion on YouHodler

Apr 5, 2019

We’ve heard your calls for Dash (DASH) over the last few weeks and as of right now, your demands are officially answered. That being said, we are proud to welcome such a promising coin like DASH to our platform. Users can now receive instant EUR, USD or stable coin loans secured by DASH as collateral. In addition, they can convert DASH for any crypto/fiat on the platform and also withdraw directly to a crypto or fiat wallet.

What coins does YouHodler have on it's platform?

DASH joins the ranks of BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, LTC, XRP and XLM. As a user on the platform, this allows one to receive a loan in EUR, USD or USDT while putting up DASH as collateral. Using a credit/debit card, stable coin wallet or verified bank account, users can then withdraw their loan from the platform quickly and conveniently. Aside from that, there are several ways to use DASH on YouHodler.

Creating an "all-in-one" crypto/fiat banking solution

In addition to using DASH as collateral, users can also deposit DASH into YouHodler and convert to any of the available crypto options, fiat options (EUR or USD) or stablecoins. With full credit/debit card integration on the platform, users can convert DASH to fiat and instantly withdraw that amount onto their personal cards, adding a unique “real world” utility for crypto.

Special offer for Dash HODLers now available at YouHodler

In order to celebrate the latest market growth, and also to welcome new members to the community, YouHodler has a special promotion. For a limited time, all platform users can receive a 90% LTV on all loans by choosing the special Crypto Spring tariff option. YouHodler states this is a limited time offer. Users can take advantage of it by signing in at YouHodler.com and clicking the “Get a Loan” option on their personal profile.

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