Crypto Traders: Create a "Lucky Portfolio" With This Philosophy

Dec 19, 2019
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Luck is seen as that elusive characteristic that comes and goes, bringing us periodic moments of pleasure and fortune. Some get it more than others but there is no way to control luck. Or is there? A ten-year study on the subject of luck suggests not only is luck real, but we can actually manufacture it ourselves following a specific philosophy. For the crypto traders out there, take notes as we embark on the basics of “luck generation” for your crypto portfolio.

“Luck” is a personality trait found in successful crypto traders

Are some crypto traders successful because they get lucky with timing the market? That’s one theory but this ten-year study by psychologist Richard Wiseman offers a new point of view. In his research, Wiseman discovered that lucky people can actually generate their own good fortune through the four following principles:

1. Be skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities

2. Make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition

3. Create self-fulfilling prophecies via positive thinking and expectations

4. Build a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

Crypto traders can learn from this real-life story

There is a famous story involving a guy named Barnett Helzberg Jr. who utilized these principals to his full advantage. One day walking around New York City, Helzberg noticed a chance opportunity when he heard a woman call out the name “Mr. Buffet” to the man next to him. Most people would pass that off as a coincidence but Mr. Helzberg listened to his intuition saying “that’s not just any “Mr. Buffet” That’s world-renowned investor Warren Buffet.”

Mr. Helzberg then created his own self-fulfilling prophecy with positive thinking and expectations by approaching Mr. Buffet on the street that day. Good thing he did because years later, Mr. Helzberg sold his chain of stores to Warren Buffet, profiting greatly in the process. Fortunately, he didn’t need to use step four in that scenario but one can imagine, Mr. Helzberg built a resilient attitude in the past from rejection that prevented his fear from getting in the way that day.

Crypto traders can generate their own luck on YouHodler with a new feature

A common problem amongst crypto HODLers is a lack of initiative. Many seem to be passively holding their crypto assets, waiting for the next massive bull run to reward them for their patience. However, if you’re a crypto trader trying to generate your own luck, this is a bad strategy. Hence, YouHodler created a new feature for generating chance opportunities that crypto traders can take advantage of. 

Multi HODL™ lets users take a small portion of their savings accounts (e.g. 20%) to use in higher risk and potentially high reward trading activities on the platform. The idea is based on Nassim Taleb’s Barbell Strategy and is a terrific method for crypto traders to balance their portfolio with safe, stable assets while still taking advantage of chance opportunities for potential profit. 

Chance opportunities are risky and do not guarantee a profit. However, you are certainly guaranteed to miss out on any profit if you do not take the chance opportunity at all. But instead of “betting the house” and losing everything, Multi HODL™ helps you manage risk effectively and responsibly. Try it out today.


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