Multi HODL explained by YouHodler’s CEO

Dec 12, 2019
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Multi HODL essentially combines the best of both worlds in investing. Users can keep the majority of their funds in safe, stable and profitable savings accounts while using some amount to engage in risky trading activities with the potential for high profit. The birth of this idea comes from a deep interest in investing and philosophy from YouHodler’s CEO Ilya Volkov. Today, he’s here to show how Multi HODL came to be and how it can benefit you.

YouHodler CEO draws inspiration from Nicholas Taleb and the Barbell Strategy

As some of you know I’m a big fan and a supporter of the investor, advisor and philosophical mind Nassim Nicholas Taleb. One of my favorite theories, that I use with my personal finance,  developed by Taleb is the Barbell Strategy.  The strategy mostly consists of ensuring 90% of your capital is investing in safe, risk-free assets to cover inflation. Meanwhile, the other 10% of the remaining capital is used for very risky, but potentially highly profitable investments. 

With YouHodler, this strategy is replicated with a combination of the following two features:

1. Stablecoin Saving Accounts: Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD), Paxos (PAX), and USD Coin (USDC) savings accounts where users earn interest on crypto 12% per annum.

2. Multi HODL - A tool to multiply crypto funds using a small portion of a savings account balance or wallet balance. YouHodler initiates an automated chain of loans (based on YouHodler’s Turbocharge) that uses funds from the loan to buy more crypto, repeating the process up to ten times. 

The Barbell Strategy explained

Using the Barbell Strategy, crypto traders can keep 90% of their crypto assets in safe, stablecoin savings accounts and earn interest on crypto risk-free. The other 10% is then put in a risker, “Multi HODL” tool where YouHodler takes the crypto as collateral to start a chain of loans, multiplying the original crypto in the process.

If the value of the crypto goes up after the process, then the user covers the interest fee with the high multiplicated profit. If the market goes down, then the crypto trader can take comfort in the fact that 90% (plus high interest on deposit) of their assets are still secure in the Savings Account or wallet. Hence, The Barbell Strategy is a smart way to manage risk while also giving yourself the opportunity to encounter luck on a daily basis. 

How one lucky moment changed YouHodler forever

The story about the creation of Multi HODL isn’t complete without mentioning one lucky moment. One day while reading one Taleb’s “Skin in the Game”  in the airport lounge I came across the man himself in person

Recognizing the chance opportunity, I went ahead to introduce myself to Mr. Taleb. The chance encounter was more than just a friendly greeting. This moment was some kind of sign and it formed the inspiration for several YouHodler’s strategy decisions such as:

  1. The establishment of our Swiss entity
  2. The creation of Multi HODL - new tool help crypto traders manufacture their own risk and luck.

It’s safe to say without meeting Taleb, the innovative concepts that make YouHodler a unique crypto platform would probably never have come to fruition. Thankfully, it did and now we can pass on our tools to crypto traders and help them generate their own luck.


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