Crypto Journey Promo Concludes: Meet the Winners!

Sep 23, 2021
A plane flies all over the world in a "crypto journey"

Hello YouHodlers. We hope you are having a fantastic month of September. We’d like to quickly interrupt your HODLing activities for news about our most recent promotion, the “Crypto Journey” promo. We have announced the three winners of the promotion so let’s take some time to meet them.

“Crypto journey” promo was a big success

First of all, we want to thank all promotion participants. It was a big success on a global scale. The campaign was held from July 1 until August 31 and we had thousands take part from all corners of the world. This is evidenced by the top three winners from Italy, South Korea, and Australia respectively. Aside from that, we’d also like to congratulate the other participants who won eight unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by famous artists. We hope you enjoy your new digital art! Now, let’s get to know the top three winners

Meet the “Crypto Journey” winners

The winners of  Crypto Journey are:

  • Stefano from Italy, who won a trip around the world sponsored by OneWorld Alliance

  • Jun from South Korea, who received a hotel subscription from Inspirato

  • Tristan from Australia, who got a brand new MacBook Pro

After notifying them of their prizes, we sat down with each client and asked them a bit about themselves and what they plan to do with the new prize. 

Stefano, the number one winner from Italy is a family man working at a mechanical company near Venice. He first entered the crypto market in 2017 with a purchase of 100 EUR of Bitcoin. He’s come a long way and has since grown to love crypto as it provides a more transparent alternative to traditional banks. Since Stefano is the new father of a beautiful baby girl, he decided to not use the trip around the world but instead take the USDC equivalent for family expenses. 

Next up was Jun from South Korea.  Jun is a student living in Thailand and first entered the crypto market during the great bear market of 2018. Jun particularly likes smart contracts and admits that was the technology that initially inspired his first investment. Despite winning a hotel subscription from Inspirato, Jun decided to receive his prize in Pax Gold (PAXG) due to the current pandemic situation. 

Last but certainly not least we spoke with the third winner Tristan from Australia. Like the others, Triston got into crypto during 2017/2018 and admits that smart contracts and public ledgers were the key factors that inspired his entry into the market. Instead of taking the MacBook Pro, he opted for taking the money in the form of USDC so he could “buy the dip” and invest in “Ethereum killers and polychain projects.”

Keep an eye out for more promos coming soon!

Did you miss out on this most recent “Crypto Journey” promo? Well, that’s unfortunate but don’t stay sad for too long. It’s just a matter of time before we do something like this again. In fact, we have an ongoing promotion right now with our famous Multi HODL feature. 

You can now trade crypto and potentially win a brand new Tesla! That’s right, that means you can not only decrease your carbon footprint to help save the world, but you get a stylish and fast car as well. Tesla is the first place prize followed by an electric motorbike and electric bicycle in 2nd and 3rd place.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this great promo and find the instructions on how to participate.  Give it a try and as always, thanks for being a part of our wonderful YouHodler family. 

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