YouHodler Month in Review: October 2019

Nov 1, 2019
october review

Wow! What a month it has been. Even though October is one of the longest of the year, it sure flew by. The YouHodler team was keeping busy with several new features for crypto-backed loans, savings accounts, promotions and more. It’s hard to remember all we’ve accomplished over the past 31 days so let’s take a few minutes to look at this month in review.

YouHodler Welcomes Binance Coin (BNB) to its List of Collateral and Conversion Options

The addition of BNB is another milestone for YouHodler as we continue to reach our goal as the premier, “one-stop-shop for hodlers”. YouHodler users can now enjoy using BNB with all the platform benefits such as:

  • Instant crypto backed loans using BNB as collateral
  • BNB-backed loans with LTV as high as 90%
  • BNB conversions with USDT and BTC pairs
  • The ability to earn up to 4.2% annual interest on BNB after deposit

The listing comes just as Binance made headlines with Bitcoin Futures hitting a record high trading volume of $820 million in a 24-hour span. YouHodler gives users a chance to “activate” their BNB assets and take greater advantage of profit growth than simple passive HODLing.

YouHodler Mobile App Gets Facelift; More Coming Soon

YouHodler’s free mobile app hit Google Play and Apple Stores a couple of months ago and a lot has changed since then. If you haven’t downloaded it already, go experience the upgrades and redesign today. Aside from mobile wallets, YouHodler’s app will eventually become a full suite where users can borrow crypto, store crypto, earn crypto, and trade crypto all in one place. Stay tuned for more news on this in November!

Stablecoin Savings Galore! YouHodler Announces USDC, TUSD and PAX

In October, YouHodler announced three new stablecoin savings accounts in response to clients who wanted more than to simply borrow crypto. Clients can deposit USDC, TUSD and PAX on YouHodler.com and start earning interest up to 12% per annum.

At YouHodler, we provide multiple ways for users to profit from their digital assets and transform their portfolio from that of a passive hodler, to one of an active hodler. YouHodler’s Savings Accounts are a simple, hands free way to crypto earn with interest.

To unlock the highest possible interest rates per annum, clients must first “Turbocharge” their Savings Accounts. Click here to see how: TURBOCHARGE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS

YouHodler: The First Platform to Loan BTC Against Altcoins (borrow crypto with crypto)

Before October, YouHodler clients could request crypto backed loans in USD, EUR and stablecoins. This month, we introduced a new feature that is the first of it’s kind amongst lending platforms. Now, YouHodler can loan BTC to clients in exchange for altcoin as collateral. You can borrow crypto with crypto.

To loan BTC is for the active holders that want to get additional BTC in their portfolio and benefit from its growth without having to sell any altcoins. Altcoins are not so stable anymore but that’s no reason to sell them. Hedge your altcoins on YouHodler and borrow crypto (BTC) to benefit from the growth of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, simultaneously benefit from altcoin growth during a bullish market or lessen the damage of altcoin price reduction with the increase of your BTC holdings.

New “Extreme” Trading Features Promise to Spice Up Your Crypto Life
With our new “Extreme” line of features, users can free themselves from the restrictions of other platforms with our high-risk, high reward loan plans to borrow crypto and profit how you want.

Extreme Loans and Extreme Turbo Loans will include the following:

"Extreme" Turbocharge

To get "Extreme" visit the Turbocharge form.

Full list of "Extreme" terms

  • Loan to value (LTV) - 90%
  • Loan term - 30 days
  • Price down limit (PDL) - 5%
  • Loan interest (APR) - 3% (will be reduced by 0,1% for each next loan in the chain) 
  • Default Set Close Price (Take Profit) +200% (can be changed in +10% - +100% range)

Please, be advised that in case if the PDL Level will be reached, all collateral will be sold

- How price down limit works.

To understand general mechanics of Turbocharge loan please explore this article.

"Extreme" Classic Loan

A loan with the highest 95% LTV can be requested in the Get Loan section

  • Loan to value (LTV) - 90%
  • Loan term - 30 days
  • Price down limit (PDL) - 5%
  • Loan interest (APR) - 3% (will be reduced by 0.1% for each next loan in the chain)
  • Default Set Close Price (Take Profit)-  +200% (can be changed in +10% - +100% range)

Customer will keep all the borrowed funds without any repayments or fees.

Options Close now, Extend PDL, Increase LTV and Reopen will be disabled for Extreme Turbocharge and Extreme Classic Loan.

“Refer-a-Friend” Promo: Get $50 and 50% of Our Revenue

Do you want an additional way to earn money on YouHodler besides crypto backed loans? If so, then we suggest you check out the new terms of YouHodler’s Refer-a-Friend promo. Much like other referral programs, users get rewarded with money for simply inviting their friends and family to YouHodler and showing them how to borrow crypto.  On top of that, clients can earn a 50% revenue share and additional money for each new active client they bring.


YouHodler Participates in Discussions at EPFL and University of Lausanne

As some of you may have seen, YouHodler has officially began our active participation in the Western Part of “Crypto Valley” Switzerland https://cryptovalley.swiss/. Along with that comes the cooperation of several events in the area. 

In October, YouHodler’s CEO Ilya Volkov delivered a speech at the EPFL. The presentation covered blockchain technology and its current role in banking services. Click here to read the key talking points from the presentation for the EPFL’s course on “Financial applications of blockchains and distributed ledgers.”

Many thanks to Jiahua Xu https://people.epfl.ch/jiahua.xu for the invitation! It was an honor.

Well, that wraps up this months review article. We hope you enjoyed it! As always, thanks for the support and please keep an eye on the social media links below for more exciting news coming soon. 

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