YouHodler Crypto Exchange: How to Exchange Crypto With Us

Nov 23, 2020
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Coinbase, Simplex, Binance...YouHodler? That’s right, you can exchange cryptocurrency right here on the YouHodler platform. Sure, our exchange capabilities may not be as complete as the three esteemed platforms mentioned earlier. However, it’s entirely possible to convert crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat, and crypto to stablecoins without ever having to leave the YouHodler website or app. This is not a new feature by any means but we have yet to give our crypto exchange a formal introduction. So let’s begin.

A cryptocurrency exchange you can count on

YouHodler is all about convenience. We don’t want you bouncing around between multiple platforms trying to convert and transfer funds. That’s a waste of time and money when one should truly be focused on building their portfolio instead. YouHodler features universal conversion, meaning you can exchange all fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins between either other as needed.

How to use YouHodler’s crypto exchange 

To begin, log in and click your “Wallets” tab. From there, you will see your list of wallets. Wallets that have a balance on them comes with a crypto exchange button. Please click it.

After clicking the cryptocurrency exchange button,  you are brought to a form that lets you choose which currency you wish to convert, the amount, and which currency you want to receive. 

Once you click the “convert” button, then the exchange is complete and you should see your newly converted currency in its appropriate wallet. 

Note: YouHodler works with the top cryptocurrency exchange to give our customers real-time exchange execution. Hence, transaction time can vary depending on the blockchain at any given moment. 

Cryptocurrency exchange rates

As a platform that always puts clients above all else, we do our best to remain competitive with cryptocurrency exchange rates. As the YouHodler team and community continues to grow, we will also continue to grow our exchange capabilities and make the cryptocurrency exchange rates more efficient for our clients. 

We also favor a transparent fee structure when it comes to crypto exchange. We don’t want any surprises so if you’d like to see the total amount of crypto you’ll receive before doing a real transaction, please click here to play with our exchange calculator. That link also shows all commissions for crypto, fiat, and stablecoin conversion. 

So next time you’re thinking of going elsewhere for your crypto exchange needs thinks again. Stay put and choose convenience and efficiency above all else 


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