YouHodler Partners with CipherTrace to Further Compliance Values

Jan 30, 2020
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Today, we are pleased to announce to our community that YouHodler is forming an official partnership with blockchain security company CipherTraceTogether, we will implementCipherTrace’s Crypto-AML solution into the YouHodler platform in order to further bolster its anti-money laundering (AML) compliance initiative. CipherTrace will use their expertise to increase YouHodler’s compliance standards so that they are in line with the latest advancement of cryptocurrency frameworks and regulation. 

CipherTrace and YouHodler to help "clean up illicit acts" and "contribute towards crypto mass adoption"

“In the cryptocurrency market, millions of “everyday people” are afflicted due to the hundreds of criminals and their illegal conduct. However, organizations like CipherTrace and several other companies in the crypto-AML industry are helping to clean up these illicit acts. YouHodler stands firmly for transparency and 100% compliance. Together with CipherTrace, we can accomplish this not only with YouHodler, but ideally, help to push this philosophy throughout the entire crypto community and contribute towards crypto mass adoption”, said Ilya Volkov, Chief Executive Officer of YouHodler.

CipherTrace serves a variety of auditors, regulators and financial institutions worldwide and now, they look forward to strengthening YouHodler and cementing its stance as one of the most trusted and secure FinTech platforms in the industry. 

Learn more about CipherTrace

CipherTrace is the leader in blockchain security. CipherTrace anti-money laundering, blockchain analytics, and crypto threat intel solutions are powered by advanced cryptocurrency intelligence. Financial investigators and auditors use CipherTrace blockchain analytics to trace virtual asset transactions. Leading exchanges, virtual currency businesses, banks, and regulators themselves use CipherTrace to comply with regulation and to monitor compliance.

Its quarterly CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report has become an authoritative industry data source. CipherTrace was founded in 2015 by experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with deep expertise in cybersecurity, eCrime, payments, banking, encryption, and virtual currencies. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (S&T) and DARPA initially funded CipherTrace, and it is backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital investors.

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