YouHodler and Elliptic Partner to Reinforce Security on the Platform

Jun 25, 2020

Today, we’re very excited to announce a brand new partnership that will benefit every single client on the YouHodler platform. Please welcome Elliptic as our latest partner. As the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency asset risk management solutions, Elliptic will assist YouHodler in wallet screening abilities to enhance safety, transparency, and confidence for all clients on our diverse platform.

YouHodler will “detect, pursue, and prevent” illicit behavior on the platform.

Using Elliptic Lens and Elliptic Navigator, YouHodler can closely analyze the various crypto transactions on the platform in order to protect our users from a variety of criminal acts like fraud schemes, terrorist financing, money laundering, and sanctions evasion.

“Our evolving industry is constantly looking for new ways to stay ahead of criminal activity. With Elliptic setting the global standard in their given field, we’re confident YouHodler can work with them to prevent, detect and pursue all illicit behavior on the platform,” said Ilya Volkov, CEO of YouHodler. “YouHodler continues to integrate more solutions that help make the industry on the whole, more reliable and transparent. Having a solid partner such as Elliptic will help us provide a better experience overall for our clients and hopefully inspire other crypto service providers  to take charge and improve transaction monitoring.”

Elliptic supports 97% of all crypto assets

YouHodler list of crypto coins, tokens, and stablecoins continues to grow rapidly each month. Hence, we knew it was important to partner with a company that has large coverage capabilities. Elliptic supports over 97% of all crypto assets which helps them offer improved AML and sanctions compliance for YouHodler. By far, this is the largest coverage percentage of any transaction screening solution in the industry. Aside from this, Elliptic brings a solid reputation to YouHodler backed by some of the biggest names in both traditional and blockchain industries.

Just this past year, Elliptic made international headlines with a $5 million investment from Wells Fargo Strategic Capital which has helped them expand globally and enhance their services. Furthermore, they are also partnered with some of the biggest names in blockchain such as Binance, Stellar, and Wirex. YouHodler is happy to be included in this list of names that use Elliptic’s renowned data scientists and crypto technologist to set a new standard for detecting crime in our ever-evolving industry.

Learn more about Elliptic

Elliptic’s co-founders are driven by a belief that cryptocurrencies will play a vital role in building an open financial system, and that it will transform the way that people do business.

To ensure that these opportunities can be explored to their fullest, illicit activity in cryptocurrencies must be identified to prevent criminals from undermining the trust that is so essential to any system. This is Elliptic’s focus, and the firm brings trust to the industry by enabling businesses to prevent criminal activity and provide safer services.  Solving this problem is not just innovative; it is fundamental. It is our contribution to the continued growth and transformative power of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Elliptic is the global standard for delivering safe and trusted cryptocurrency services.  To learn more, visit www.elliptic.co and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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