Introducing YouHodler’s Rejuvenated Affiliate Program

Feb 21, 2020
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Spring cleaning came early for the YouHodler team as we are moving on from our old, Refer-a-Friend program to our newly introduced YouHodler Affiliate Program. While we appreciate everyone who participated in the previous referral activities, we think you’ll find the new upgrade much more rewarding. Here’s what you can expect.

Become an affiliate today with optimal partnership conditions

Starting today, here are your benefits from the affiliate program:

1. Fully transparent, 100% secure and reliable. Now you can see how many leads (registrations), verifications (KYC process) and clients you bring from different sources.

2.  World-leading software. We are using AFFISE.com, a world-leading software for affiliates. It allows you to launch and monitor the performance of your ad campaigns right inside the service.

3. Automatic payouts on your preferred method. You will be able to choose the most convenient payout method: cryptocurrencies, bank wire, etc.

4. More modern and up to date. A fresh look, clean interface, and user-friendly experience allows you to spend less time navigating the dashboard and more time earning.

5. Experiment with your perfect affiliate formula. Now that you can track traffic, and make A/B tests, you have so many more possibilities to experiment with the perfect formula that will deliver the best results.

What happens with my current referrals?

Everything is fine. Your current referrals are still yours. As a before, you will continue getting revenue from referrals for their 10 successful operations on the platform (10 loans and/or conversions). You will stop receiving revenue share after an old referral completes 10 successful operations, regarding our old refer-a-friend promo terms and conditions.

Become an affiliate today!

So if you’re ready to explore the new world of high payouts, monthly payments, CPA, CPL models and much more, then click the link below and become an affiliate today. 


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