Multi HODL Facelift: Fresh Look, Low Fees and Better Efficiency

Apr 28, 2020
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YouHodler’s most popular feature is now better than ever. Multi HODL, the innovative crypto multiplication tool has a range of new features as well and a small facelift. These updates will help users save money on fees while also allowing for a more efficient Multi HODL process overall.

Multi HODL facelift brings new terms, charts, and more

As part of the new update, users can now experience the following: 

  • Close Now features with zero fees;
  • New Multi HODL timing terms (10 days);
  • New charts (live chart results start immediately upon the opening of a new Multi HODLd deal );
  • Decreased origination fee to 1%;
  • Take Profit” editing available on open deals (Take profit: When the price of the invested crypto reaches the Take Profit level, you receive all invested funds and the profit gained during the Multi HODL.

We hope fans of Multi HODL will enjoy these new features with increased convenience and efficiency. For those that are brand new to YouHodler and Multi HODL, then there is never a better chance to open a position than right now. 

How does Multi HODL work?

Multi HODL™ is a tool to multiply your crypto funds using a small portion of your YouHodler savings account balance or wallet balance. Users keep the majority of their funds in safe, stable, and profitable savings accounts while using some amount to engage in riskier trading activities with the potential for high profit.

In this case, the chance to profit is achieved through an automated chain of loans (a cascade of loans). The process structure is the following:

  • The platform uses your Multi HODL™ assets to open the first loan in a chain;
  • With the borrowed funds from the first loan the platform buys more crypto and uses it as collateral for a second loan in a chain;
  • The process repeats itself from 5 to 20 times depending on the user's Profit/Loss level settings;
  • Finally, you'll be able to choose between two Multi HODL™ ending options - Take Profit (Automatic) and Close Now (Manual), to get your profit.

Compared to other platforms with similar margin trading systems, YouHodler is superior for several reasons such as:

  • No rollover fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No hourly, daily or monthly fees
  • No overnight fees
  • Full transparency
  • Long and short options available
  • 24/7 customer support available

Boost your savings interest with Multi HODL

Used on its own, Multi HODL is a great way to take advantage of market movements in both directions and multiply your portfolio. However, when used in tandem with YouHodler Savings Accounts, users can benefit from the Barbell Strategy. 

With the Barbell Strategy, users keep the majority of their funds (e.g. 80%) in savings accounts while setting aside a smaller portion (e.g. 20%) for Multi HODL. Furthermore, The interest rate in your savings account for that 20% in Multi HODL will still be kept and continue to earn interest. 80% and 20% are just recommendations here. Theoretically, if a user put 99% of their savings account into Multi HODL, the would still continue to earn interest on that 99%.

This combination of safe, stable growth (savings accounts) with more aggressive and potentially profitable activity (Multi HODL) is an ideal mix that lets users discover the maximum limits of their crypto portfolio. Don’t be a passive HODLer. Activate your crypto with a smart balance of managed risk and profitability. 

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