iPhone for Active HODLers: The Final Results Are In

Dec 29, 2020
Three photos of brand new iphones are presented as the grand prize for YouHodler users.

Can we get a drum roll, please? After weeks of hard work by you (and a little help from crypto market volatility), the winners of our 2020 iPhone for Active HODLers contest have finally been determined. The top three contestants all recorded profits of 294.81%, 279.85% and 276.78% respectively.

So now, please spend a few moments with us as we meet the winners and perhaps even learn the secret of their success.

Contest review: Three iPhone 12’s for YouHodler’s best Multi HODLers

For those who may have missed the memo (and sorry if you did), YouHodler has held a contest the past few weeks that pitted the platform’s best Multi HODL users against each other in an epic "battle royale." The rules were as follows:

  • Open a Multi HODL deal worth at least $300
  • Prove that the results were better than other contestants before the end of the contest (ended on December 27th)
  • The top three winners with the highest active HODLer rating win three brand new iPhone 12’s or the equivalent value in crypto of their choice

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s meet the winners!

Meet the winners (and learn their strategy)

The screenshot above shows the three talented and skilled winners of the 2020 iPhone for Active HODLers contest. For privacy reasons, we cannot disclose their full names but they were kind enough to participate in an interview with YouHodler to discuss their success. So let’s meet them right now.

1st place winner: Armand from Australia closed the deal with +294.81% profit and took the first place with iPhone 12 Pro Max.

He preferred to get USDT instead of the real iPhone.

Q: Do you consider yourself more of HODLer or a trader?

A:: I consider myself as more of a HODLer than a trader and if there would be a ratio - it'd be 90% HODLer and 10% trader. However, I will trade if I feel very positive about the trade I'm about to make.

Q: What is your opinion on the market from here on out? Are you bullish or bearish?

A: Pretty bullish on the market from here on out but at the same time. If you're a HODLer, you should be fine - if you're a trader expect to see corrections on the way.

Q. What’s your favorite cryptocurrency and why?

A:: BTC is my favourite and whilst I hold little BTC - I hold more of XLM, XRP and DGB. Reasons being that XLM has been pretty consistent since the beginning and not susceptible to major news. Given Jed McCaleb's origin is XRP, XLM knows exactly what XRP is about and appears to target what XRP isn't focusing on (mainly the non-banked and developing countries).

XRP because they have deals with established businesses, major institutions, banks and multinationals. Hence, between XRP and XLM, I believe I've covered the financial remittances and supply chain sector (which is a multi-billion dollar industry in itself).

As for DGB, I believe it's an under performing token which has the same characteristics (if not even better features and benefits) than BTC. It is under performing right now because it is still relatively unknown and BTC is known by the masses. Once DGB starts being newsworthy, I believe it will be one of the best performing altcoins in cryptocurrency as the fundamentals and progress for DGB is very positive.

2nd place winner: Chua from Singapore. He closed the deal with 279.85% profit and preferred to take DAI instead of the real iPhone 12.

Q: Do you consider yourself more of HODLer or a trader? 

A:. I am actually very new to Crypto, so i cannot call myself a trader but more of a hodler.

Q: What is your opinion on the market from here on out? Are you bullish or bearish?

A:. As i started getting to know more about Crypto and even with the rather volatile nature in which the Crypto market is, as compared to traditional markets, i can see Crypto may be the future for us. In this respect, the gut feel i have is that Crypto Market will grow exponentially and the immediate future is rather bullish.

Q: What’s your favorite cryptocurrency and why?

A: My initial journey started because of XRP. So, even though it has been rather bad news (legal SEC lawsuit) regarding this Crypto, i am still optimistic because i see great potential in XRP.

Q: Since you are a master Multi HODLer, do you have any valuable tips for the YouHodler community when using this feature or anything else on the platform?

A:. I guess i am just plain lucky to be able to make a successful hodl trade with a 279% gain. Having said that, when i was using Multi HODL, the tool is really so easy to use and understand. I liked the fact that even after starting the hodl, one can still adjust the TP/MC margins.

My advise to any Multi Hodl user is, opportunities are plentiful in crypto due to its volatile nature, so if you spot an uptrend or down wwing (like i did on XRP), do a Multi Hodl on your position and you will be rewarded.

3rd place winner: Moustafa from Canada closed the deal with 276.78% of profit and took the iPhone 12 mini.

Q: Do you consider yourself more of HODLer or a trader?

A: I originally started as a HODLer when I first dove into crypto and I'm still pretty much a HODLer but recently I've started to learn more about trading especially crypto trading and now I'm a bit of both you could say? A Hodl-trader? Haha!

Q: What is your opinion on the market from here on out? Are you bullish or bearish?

A: I'm definitely trending on the bullish side at the moment since BTC broke through its ATH. Things are exciting in the market right now more than ever! In my opinion one of the things I could see in the crypto market is Ethereum in 2021 will likely see more mainstream media attention and thus are likely to see some institution that had FOMO into Bitcoin, load up on ETH and potentially staking it.

Q: What’s your favorite cryptocurrency and why?

My favorite would still be Ethereum especially now since the release of ETH 2.0. Ethereum was originally one of the reasons that made me delve more into this rabbit hole of the crypto world and in turn learned a lot about other cryptos in the market. I can see a lot of things happening in the ethereum space in the next couple of years but that's just my opinion. :)

Q: Since you are a master Multi HODLer, do you have any valuable tips for the YouHodler community when using this feature or anything else on the platform?

The biggest tip I can think of is just to try Multi-Hodl even with just a small amount at first! When I first put some of my investment into the Youhodler platform, I told myself that I'm just going to use the savings part of the platform but overtime when I've read more into Multi Hodl and its features, I've become amazed at how simple and easy to use this feature is. The Multi Hodl feature is amazing as it's basically the best of two worlds (Margin trading & CFD Trading) and it's going to be even better once they introduce more cryptocurrency into their platform. And one last small tip even if it's a bit cliche "Follow the Trend as the trend is your friend"

Shout out to Additional Prize Winners and Final Congratulations

Thanks again to our top three winners for sharing their stories with us.  Also, we had three additional prizes - our branded Ledger Nano S devices which go to Estonia, Spain, and Mexico winners. 

  1. Liremi from Estonia made the most number of deals during the contest - 977 deals.
  1. Lauren from Spain closed the most number of deals with profit - 435 deals
  1. Miguel from Mexico closed the number of non-profitable deals - 291 deals.

Again, congratulations to everyone who came away from this contest with a prize. 2020 was an eventful year to say the least and we’re thrilled some of you could end it on a very high note. For the rest of you, we hope you had a good time with your Multi HODLs and we are confident you will find more success in the future.

The market is always growing and changing. There are endless opportunities to make a profit in the market and we are happy to deliver this tool that helps make it easier. So with 2021 coming soon, start thinking of new strategies to activate your crypto and make it work for you. Hopefully, we can do another contest like this in the near future and next time, we know you’ll all be professional HODLers.

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