Follow the "HODLer Roads:" How to Navigate the Many Paths of YouHodler

Dec 9, 2019
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Dear Friends,

The “HODLer Roads” are still not fully explored. For some, it could look like a confusing and dangerous serpentine. But no fear! YouHodler is here to guide you. We are a multi-faceted crypto-fiat financial platform that allows one to borrow fiat funds instantly, enlarge their crypto portfolio with our innovative features, and to generate profit from their crypto assets via savings accounts. We always welcome HODLers to become our partners so we can share our profit as well.

All that being said, we gathered the most important tips that will help you with each step of the way!

Where to begin? The first step is to sign up and verify your identity. Right after that, you will get a personal account with fiat, stablecoin and crypto wallets. Great! Now you are free to choose your Hodler path!


Use your crypto to get a loan and receive up to 90% of its market value in fiat (EUR or USD), stablecoins or BTC. To start, deposit any of our supported crypto or stablecoins (also users can convert it crypto to as desired collateral option if needed). Now, simply choose one of three loan plans and go!

Along that path, you may need our features to help you keep an eye on your loan and to not go astray (e.g. Take Profit, Extend PDL, Increase LTV). You are free to decide what to do with borrowed funds. You can transfer fiat, stablecoins or crypto to your external bank account / card / wallet, or keep it in the platform to use for other HODLER paths.


If you are searching for possible ways to invest in crypto and enlarge your crypto assets that is a good chance to make it with our Turbocharge loan. 


That is the perfect and simple path for relaxing earnings without unnecessary risks. Just open a savings account in stablecoins or crypto and watch you are getting profit. If you thirst to get the maximum possible profits you can always get more.


You can always become our partner and start making profit besides your main HODLER path with our affiliate program.

If after all the above you still feel insecure, you can always try to explore all HODLER paths without any financial risks using our Demo coins - YBTC and YUSD.

If some terms remain unclear for you, feel free to find an answer in our Glossary and Help Portal.

We hope this article provides you will all the possible tools needed for a successful journey. Now, what path will you take? 

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