YouHodler Savings Accounts Get New Upgrade with DASH (5.5%APY)

Oct 20, 2020
youhodler dash savings accounts with photo of dash coins

Yesterday, the Dash marketing team made a revolutionary announcement that aims to bridge the gap between Dash and DeFi. Moreover, YouHodler also thought it was a good time to make an exciting new Dash announcement of our own. Starting today, users can earn a passive income on Dash with brand new savings accounts. Here’s how you can get started and why it could be a wise investment at this point in time. 

A stress-free way to make your crypto earn 5.5%

Dash is the fourth cryptocurrency this month added to the YouHodler platform savings account family. We see a lot of potential in this promising crypto and we wanted to give our community a chance to earn more on DASH than simple, HODLing can provide. Now, you can earn 5.5% each year while simultaneously benefiting from Dash’s natural growth. 

To being, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Deposit DASH to your YouHodler wallet

Step 2: Sign the Savings Reward Agreement

Step 3: Watch your crypto earn interest every day. 

Dash savings accounts: Why should you open one?

Dash may not have the same reputation as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other top-ten coins by market cap but lately, Dash has made some impressive headlines that could signal positive price movement in the near future. For example, just yesterday the company announced a new collaboration with StakeHound that will help Dash users earn staking rewards while also accessing DeFi services simultaneously.

In addition to that news, Dash recently released a multi-part video series about the new Dash platform called “Dash is Becoming a Cloud.” In the video (featured up above), they explain how the user can soon transfer Dash with just a username. No more long and confusing wallet addresses needed. With blockchain-registered usernames and contact lists, transactions will become as easy as sending a text message. At the moment, the Dash team is building a large community of DeFi developers to build new applications on the platform. Hence, the platform is evolving far beyond just payments and moving into real-word use cases and applications. 

All this being said, Dash has enormous potential for price growth in the near future. Buying and HODLing this crypto on YouHodler ensures you get a guaranteed passive income in addition to the natural growth from Dash in the future. 

Try the Barbell Strategy with Dash savings accounts

Now that Dash savings accounts are here, YouHodler users have the new opportunity to try the Barbell Strategy with this promising crypto. Here’s how to get started:

1. Leave a large sum (e.g. 70%) of your Dash in savings accounts earning passive income

2. Take the rest (e.g. 30%) to Multi HODL where you could potentially multiply your crypto up to x30

Multi HODL lets you multiply your crypto via the market’s natural volatility. Simply choose a direction (up or down), a multiplier amount (up to x10), and then let the market do the rest for you. It’s a very efficient way to manage your risk while also taking advantage of daily opportunities found in the constant changes of the crypto market. 


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