Bitcoin SV: BSV Price Breakdown and Thoughts on the Future

Jan 16, 2020
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It’s been a wild start of the year for Bitcoin SV. In just a few days, we saw the controversial altcoin soar to record highs of $435. Since then, the price pulled back to relatively normal levels. At the time of writing this article, the BSV price sits at ~ $333.00 but what’s in store for the future? YouHodler offers its “hot take” on the situation

Why did Bitcoin SV just have a massive bull run?

There are a variety of theories as to why Bitcoin SV just went on a monumental run. Some of the more hopeful HODLers believe it is directly related to founder Craig Wright’s ongoing legal battle in regards to his Bitcoin holdings. Other, more skeptical crypto enthusiasts believe the parabolic gains are solely due to raw market manipulation. We can sit here and debate this topic all we want, however, YouHodler prefers to focus on another, more important aspect of this situation.

Bitcoin SV price is rising and YouHodler has the tools to help you benefit

YouHodler can not offer any insight on why Bitcoin SV is behaving this way nor can we say we stand by Craig Wright and his claim that he is “the real Satoshi.” Our job since day one is to provide crypto HODLers and traders with the necessary tools to capitalize on market movements without having to sell their beloved crypto assets. 

Back when many of the top exchanges began delisting BSV, YouHodler choose to stand by our clients and keep the coin as a collateral option. Months later, we have no regrets and have seen several of our “YouHodlers” benefit nicely from BSV price growth. 

For BSV HODLers, you can use your BSV as collateral for an instant fiat loan. With the price rising, that means your loan will be increasingly valuable giving you more capital to buy additional crypto, diversify your portfolio and more. 

For those that don’t have BSV, you can still take advantage of its price growth via our Multi HODL™ tool. Keep 80% of your stablecoins in high yield savings accounts earning 12% APR and use the other 20% to make small, incremental bets with BSV and profit from its versatile rise. 

What does the future hold for Bitcoin SV?

If you’re looking for an answer on whether Bitcoin SV will “moon,” you won’t find it here. YouHodler is in no place to make these predictions. In fact, we are still trying to understand how BSV’s price correlates to other Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold. As we saw in this most recent bull run, the price is not driven by Bitcoin (BTC) in any way. Something else is affecting it and that’s something we will keep a close eye on.

In the meantime, we can all benefit from this current situation given the wide range of tools on YouHodler’s platform. Whether, it’s a Classic Loan, Turbo Loan or Multi HODL™, there is something for all market conditions and for all types of HODLers/traders.

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