What is EOS?


What is EOSIO (EOS)?

EOSIO -- sometimes referred to as Eos.io or simply “Eos”-- is a blockchain that enables the development and operation of decentralized applications (dApps). Like other “Ethereum killers” in the space, EOSIO came to fruition after the inefficiencies of the Ethereum blockchain began to annoy some users. For that reason, EOSIO made strict choices to make its blockchain faster than Ethereum and even eliminating 100% of fees for all users making transactions. 

EOSIO first made international headlines when it held the largest-ever initial coin offering (ICO). Throughout a one-year sale, EOSIO raised over $4 billion, selling 1 billion EOS tokens in the process. While EOS has yet to replace ETH as the number two cryptocurrency in the world, it still enjoys a loyal following and inspired technological development.

EOSIO was first founded in 2017 by Brenden Blumer and Dan Larimer as part of the private company Block.One that developed the EOSIO protocol. Blockchain enthusiasts may know Larimer’s name for designing the first-ever decentralized exchange BitShares and the first cryptocurrency social media network, Steemit. 

EOSIO developers can build Dapps using C++, Java, and Python languages, which some believe is much easier than a project-specific language like Cardano uses for example. This leads to faster and more efficient dapps development. All updates on the EOSIO software are decided by votes. To qualify as a vote, one must own EOS. The utility token also helps to pay for the costs of operating the blockchain, for bandwidth, computation, and state storage. Developers cannot run dapps without first buying EOS, thus adding a great utility to the token. 

What is the EOSIO price?

YouHodler aggregates prices from top centralized exchanges to provide an accurate EOS price and charts. 

Where to buy EOSIO?

The easiest way to buy EOS is to purchase it through a crypto app like YouHodler. Our universal cryptocurrency exchange service lets you convert any crypto, fiat, or stablecoin with competitive fees.

How to earn % p.a. on EOSIO?

The best way to earn % p.a. on EOS is by depositing it in a YouHodler Yields account. % p.a. payments occur weekly and YouHodler features compounding % p.a.. 

How to take a loan with EOSIO?

You can get a loan with EOS in stablecoins by depositing your EOS as collateral. YouHodler offers the best rates you can get anywhere. Don’t sell your crypto. Use it as collateral and keep its value for later. 

How to trade EOSIO?

Leverage market volatility to stack your crypto portfolio and trade EOS with Multi HODL. Multi HODL is a user-friendly tool to take advantage of market swings in either direction. Become an “active HODLer” today. 

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