YouHodler Month in Review: September 2019

Oct 1, 2019

Due to the poor market results this month, we’ve had a running joke at YouHodler HQ about “Shitty September.” Sure, we all wish our crypto portfolios were a little better off but overall, it’s hard to complain when we look at all the progress that we made this month. From special Ethereum promotions, new loan plans, exciting Switzerland news and more, September was actually far from Shitty. So let’s take a quick glance back at the highlights as we welcome the start of October.

YouHodler Launches New Campaign to “Make ETH Strong Again

Ethereum (ETH) went through a little bit of a rough patch. As a result, YouHodler launched a campaign to “make ETH strong again” via several unique offers. These initiatives had the goal to revive ETH support and hopefully, bring it back to its place as the original BTC challenger.

  1. No commission to buy ETH on YouHodler 
  2. Special ETH loan plan with the loan to value ratio (LTV) of 90% 
  3. “ETH Turbo 10” allows users to take up to 10 automated ETH “Turbo Loans” 
  4. 50% discount on all ETH backed loans on YouHodler 

These features are STILL ACTIVE  so sign in and get started while this limited offer exists. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming ETH savings accounts that will let users earn interest on Ethereum up to 12% per annum.

YouHodler Product Update: New Feature Lets Users “Take Profit’ on Command

The highly requested “take profit” feature was released early in September and it gives users maximum control over the closing price of their loan with the new, Set Close Price feature. Also known as “Take Profit,” this feature lets traders spend less time watching the market for price growth and more time for other trading activities. 

In basic terms, Set Close Price/Take Profit works when the user sets a chosen price for their crypto-collateral. When the collateral reaches that point, (called the Take Profit point) YouHodler automatically sells the collateral to repay the loan and return the collateral (plus profit) in the form of fiat to the user's wallet. With the crypto market rapidly changing by the minute, not all traders have the luxury of sitting around and watching every movement. With this feature, traders now have a hands off option while maintaining maximum control over their profit.

Read the full details of this feature here.

YouHodler Announces the Establishment of its Legal Entity in Switzerland

After many months of meetings and debates, YouHodler, announced in September the establishment of its legal entity in Lausanne, Switzerland - YouHodler SA. 

The move reflects YouHodler’s appreciation for Switzerland's supreme blockchain community, national infrastructure and government support for innovative businesses and new industries. After months of research, interviews and internal discussion, YouHodler is pleased to announce its move to the Canton of Vaud and excited to bring new opportunities and ideas across the realms of finance, technology, and blockchain to the region.

Bitcoin (BTC) Savings Account Gives Users 7.2% Annual Profit With Zero Effort

After the wild success of our USDT Savings Account where users can crypto earn interest up to 12%, YouHodler is pleased to announce the release of its Bitcoin (BTC) savings account, an entirely new feature designed for “HODLers” who will earn up to 7.2% profit per year with no risk involved. Available for all YouHodler clients, BTC savings account lets users deposit BTC into a wallet on the platform which will grow up to 7.2% each year.

To see how to earn interest on Bitcoin, read the full article here

Also stay tuned for several more Savings Account varieties coming soon!

YouHodler’s New 180-Day Loan Plan Even Makes Shitty September Cool

No one likes September. So in an attempt to make it cool, YouHodler came out with a special, 180-Day loan plan with some attractive offers. Appropriately named, “Two Seasons HODL” is a flexible, long term loan plan that is attractive for many ways such as:

  • LTV 70%
  • Loan Term 180 days
  • The ability to extend Price Down Limit (PDL)
  • And more!

We’ve all seen what can happen in the crypto market in just 24 hours. Now imagine the possibilities of what can happen in 180 days. Unlike other lending platforms, YouHodler does not charge additional fees every few days, weeks or months. The only expense to you traders or Hodlers out there is the initial interest fee on the loan.

If 180 days is not enough, then YouHodler’s Reopen feature is worth checking out. When an open loan has 3 days or less before expiration, a “reopen” button will appear on the loan card. To keep the loan open, you only need to repay the interest fee on that loan plus + 1% service fee to prolong repayment until a later date. 

Read the full article and all the details about this loan plan here.

The markets did not perform (But YouHodler still found a positive way to look at it) 

Despite the bad market and some lackluster news in September, there is still a glimmer of hope. Bitcoin will bounce up eventually and now is a good time to start rebuilding your portfolio and buy BTC. YouHodler’s Turbo Loans were designed specifically for this situation. 

Turbo Loans help users create an automatic’ chain of loans” in one click. Pushing the “Turbocharge” button uses the fiat from the first loan in the chain to buy more crypto without any purchase fee. Users can create a chain of loans consisting of 3 - 10 loans for all the coins on YouHodler.

Well as you can see, September as quite an active month for YouHodler. October looks to be even more productive. We’ll keep you updated via our blog and social media channels so don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment on all our posts. We always welcome client participation and use it to add new features so don’t be shy.

Thanks for your support

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