YouHodler’s New 180-Day Crypto Loans Even Makes Shitty September Cool

Sep 13, 2019
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Summer is over. Winter’s coming. Life sucks. So take a loan. Yeah, the great weather and fun times are finally gone but that doesn’t mean you have to be a pussy about it. YouHodler’s new 180-day loan term is sexy in all the right places so this time, you have no excuses. Stop being sad about Shitty September. Be cool and see what this new loan plan can do for you. 

High LTV, 180 days and ultimate control over crypto loans with 20% PDL

It’s called Shitty September for a reason. No one likes this month. It’s a symbol of the end of fun and the beginning of misery (except for you weird people that like winter).  Regardless, YouHodler found a way to make even this horrible month great again. 

Starting today, a new, special loan plan will appear for all YouHodler users. “Two Seasons HODL” is a flexible, long term loan plan that is attractive for many ways such as:

  • LTV 70%
  • Loan Term 180 days
  • The ability to extend Price Down Limit (PDL)
  • And more!

A lot can happen in 180 days

We’ve all seen what can happen in the crypto market in just 24 hours. Now imagine the possibilities of what can happen in 180 days. Unlike other lending platforms, YouHodler does not charge additional fees every few days, weeks or months. The only expense to you traders or Hodlers out there is the initiate interest fee on the loan.

If you want to ignore the positive signs of the crypto market and turn a blind eye to profit, then that’s up to you. But if you want to be cool and make September not so shitty, then take a loan using this new plan and make some money as a result. You can even extend the price down limit (PDL) up to 20% or more if the market turns in a temporary, negative direction.

But why stop at 180 days? Reopen feature lets users extend crypto loans without full repayment

If 180 days is not enough, then YouHodler’s Reopen feature is worth checking out. When an open loan has 3 days or less before expiration, a “reopen” button will appear on the loan card To keep the loan open, you only need to repay the interest fee on that loan plus a 1% interest fee to keep the loan open and prolong repayment until a later day

YouHodler is literally giving you all the necessary tools to succeed in this loan plan and all it costs you is an interest fee (which can easily be covered in favorable market conditions).

So get up, stop complaining about September being shitty and go to YouHodler.com to try the new Two Seasons HODL loan plan. You won’t regret it.

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