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Get thousands of free coins just for verifying your account.

Unlock PEPE, SHIB, or FLOKI instantly and watch your crypto portfolio grow.

All-in-One Platform

Experience a Seamless blend of traditional fintech and crypto. Transact, invest, and grow your wealth securely and effortlessly with YouHodler

Crypto and Fiat Finances

YouHodler bridges the gap between fiat and crypto with a full-service Web3 fintech platform called YouHodler

Safety First: Licensed and Regulated

We are licensed and regulated in multiple European countries, and our network of offices across Europe ensures easy access to our compliant platform and services

Exceptional User Experience

With simplicity at its core, YouHodler platform provides an intuitive and seamless experience for all users, regardless of your knowledge of Web3 or crypto

The Best of Both Worlds

YouHodler combines the robust, secure mechanisms of traditional fintech with the speed, cost-efficiency, and transparency of Web3 technologies

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YouHodler is regulated in  Switzerland and the EU

Partnership with regulated EU/Swiss payment providers

YouHodler S.A. Regulated Financial Intermediary and Pawn Broker

YouHodler Italy S.R.L. OAM Registration

VASP Registration wth the Bank of Spain

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