Earn Crypto: Stellar (XLM) Savings Accounts Now on YouHodler

Apr 8, 2020

Wrapping up this incredible week of new savings accounts is the addition of Stellar (XLM). Joining the newly introduced Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Chainlink (LINK), XLM yields users earn 4.5% APR on their XLM deposits. In addition to savings accounts, users also have the opportunity to boost their savings further with YouHodler tools like MultiHODL.’

Earn crypto in a passive and stable way

With this latest launch of Stellar (XLM) savings accounts, YouHodler is one step closer to its goal of becoming the premier provider of crypto-fiat financial services for crypto HODLers and traders. YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov states that

“features such as loans and savings accounts are already available at traditional banks but we want to offer the same services to the cryptocurrency community with increased efficiency and more potential for profit. This has been an exciting week for us and we’re happy to provide these tools to our users so they can produce yield on their digital assets.”

How to Earn XLM on YouHodler

To earn XLM on YouHodler, just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Deposit XLM or fiat

After signing up and verifying your ID, deposit XLM to your personal XLM savings account. If you do not have XLM yet, you can deposit USD, EUR, CHF or GBP to the platform and use that to buy XLM as well. 

Step 2: Earn crypto interest

Once XLM enters the savings account, the first monthly payment period initiates. 

Step 3: Watch your XLM grow.

Monitor your XLM’s growth on a daily basis by checking the "Earned" counter. At the end of each month, the earned amount will be deposited into your Savings Account.

Important info

  • If you release funds before the end of the monthly period, you will not receive interest earned during the uncompleted month.
  • If additional crypto is deposited within the monthly period, the crypto interest from this deposit will be applied to the next month.
  • After each month is over, crypto interest will be deposited into your Savings Account. Users are free to keep it there to accumulate even more profit

Earn crypto smartly with additional YouHodler tools

Earning passive 4.5% on your XLM deposits is a smart and safe investment. However, YouHodler has a variety of tools to put that passive income to work and activate more opportunities. Take MultiHODL for example.  Depending on how users set their profit/risk level, they could potentially multiply their XLM assets x6.51. 

Additionally, the new “up” and “down” buttons let you use MultiHODL to benefit in both bear and bull markets. So while you’re earning passive income with your savings account, try exploring some more active methods of multiplication and see which one works best for you. 


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