Earn Crypto More Efficiently With This YouHolder Pro Tip

Feb 28, 2020
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One of the main reasons why YouHodler says we put our clients first is because we respect them. Our clients are hyper-intelligent and innovative, and every day, we’re inspired by the ways they use our platform. For example, we’ve noticed one new trend with users combining our crypto-backed loan feature with savings accounts to earn crypto creatively. 

How to clone your crypto and profit in just a few quick steps

Crypto loans and savings accounts are two features that YouHodler users love to use separately. However, when combined, users can unlock a unique way to “clone” crypto and profit. To show you an example, let’s say you have 1 BTC.

This 1 BTC is precious to you. You want to keep it in your crypto wallet for easy trading or simply for your daily purchasing needs. Yet, you also noticed YouHodler has stablecoin saving accounts where you can earn interest 12% APR. If only there was a way to “clone” your crypto, so you could put the equivalent of 1 BTC in a savings account, keep 1 BTC in your wallet and also generate profit at the same time. Well, thanks yo YouHodler, it’s entirely possible. Here’s how it works in a few short steps.

Step 1: Take a Bitcoin-backed fiat loan with 90% LTV and a 3% loan fee for every month the loan is open.

Step 2: Convert the fiat loan to stablecoins (PAX, USDT, TUSD or USDC) on YouHodler and deposit into a savings account where it earns 12% APR (1% per month). This essentially gives you a discount on the aforementioned loan fee so the user is only paying 2% per month to keep the loan open.

Step 3: Take 50% of the savings account to open up a MultiHODL™ position. If the position increases by 4%, then the user covers the entire cost of the loan for that month and if the position increases more than that, then it’s 100% additional profit the user gets to keep for himself or herself.

Bitcoin has jumped 20% in one day before (it can happen again)

While it’s not common, we’ve all seen Bitcoin jump to crazy highs of +10%, +15% or +20% in just one day. Considering these statistics, the strategy mentioned above is a smart way to take a calculated risk using borrowed funds and expand your portfolio. Starting off with just 1 BTC in a crypto wallet, the user was able to take a crypto backed loan, open up a stablecoin savings account and then get additional profit through MultiHODL™. This is a perfect example of what an “active HODLer” looks like. Sure, you could simply keep the 1 BTC in your wallet and watch it grow naturally in the market. Or you could put your crypto to work and watch it grow faster and larger through the tools offered on YouHodler. 


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