Bitcoin Savings Account: 7.2% APR With Zero Effort

Sep 20, 2019

YouHodler is pleased to announce the release of its Bitcoin (BTC) savings account, an entirely new feature designed for “HODLers” who will earn up to 7.2% profit per year with no risk involved. Available for all YouHodler clients, BTC savings account lets users deposit BTC into a wallet on the platform which will grow up to 7.2% each year..

How to earn interest on Bitcoin with YouHodler

After logging in, users will see a “savings” option in their personal wallets page. To deposit BTC into this account and start earning interest on bitcoin, the user will click “add funds.” After BTC is successfully deposited, the user will start earning interest on their deposit once the settlement period begins. Users can check how much bitcoin interest they earn each day by navigating to the “Earned” section of their savings account.

After the settlement period ends, the interest earned will be deposited into the user’s savings account. Alternatively, users are free to keep their funds in the savings account for as long as they like to earn more profit.

Disclaimer: If the user will release funds from the savings account before the settlement period, the user will lose all interest earned during the uncompleted settlement period. (see Terms and conditions linked below).

YouHodler continues the productive streak with new releases‍

The release of Bitcoin Savings follows a month of productivity for YouHodler including:

Link to T&C:

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