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The crypto weekend challenge

Thank you for participating in this promotion!
We are happy to announce our 8 lucky winners:

1st FDC4EDCD - Macbook
2nd 0F022698 - iPhone 14 Pro
3rd 6693B40A -  iPhone 14
4th 3F85322E - Airpod 3rd Gen
5th 61749970 - Airpod 3rd Gen
6th 58EE632A - Airpod 3rd Gen
7th 16086788 - Airpod 3rd Gen
8th 8490A8D2 - Airpod 3rd Gen

Winners will be contacted directly via email with details of prize claiming.
Thank you for participating in this competition.

Do look forward to more promotions in 2023!
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Looking to make the most of your weekends? Look no further than our crypto trading competition! Unlike other markets, crypto never sleeps, which means you can trade any time of day or night, even on the weekends.

Starting from Saturday 11th of March, 00:00 UTC until Sunday, 19th of March at 23:59 UTC , you can trade and  have a chance to win a prize from the list below. So why wait? Join our trading competition now and take advantage of the non-stop crypto market to maximize your potential profits.

Special trading conditions
applied during weekends*

*For deals that are opened on weekends:
Saturday 11th of March, 00:00 UTC until Sunday 12th of March 23:59 UTC
Saturday 18th of March, 00:00 UTC until Sunday 19th of March 23:59 UTC
Rollover fees will be charged after 48 hours of a deal start.
Open a deal on weekend and trade for free!


Enter a lucky draw to win one of the following prizes

1 X MacBook Pro

1 X iPhone 14

1 X iPhone 14 Pro

5 X Earbuds

How to participate

Create an account on YouHodler or Sign in.
Copy your Account ID from the Profile and submit it on this page to register for the promo.
Open deals with Multi HODL and capitalize on the market movements*
Make sure to follow our Twitter and Telegram channels.

*The minimum value of the deal must be equal or more than $500.
To get a trading volume of $500 on Multi HODL, the input amount of the trade should be $100 or higher plus your multiplier in case of $100 input should be x5 or more.
Every $1000 (e.g. two deals with $100 input x5 multiplier or one deal with $500 input x2 multiplier) volume equivalent in the deals gives you 1 ticket for the lucky draw.

Promo date:
From Saturday, March 11th to Sunday, March 19th, 2023.
Draw will happen at the end of the contest period.
The winners can claim their prizes, or equivalent value in USDT, after the announcement.

Lucky draw public results: Draw 1 , Draw 2

Newest participants

User ID

How to monitor the status

Every participant has an account number. You can find yours in your “Profile” section of the platform. Please don't forget to submit your number on the promo page. With that number, find yourself on our promo page and check the total number of your tickets.

The tickets are credited automatically upon fulfillment of the promotion conditions. For each $1000 you trade, you get a ticket that lets you check out your status on the page.

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Win Great prizes with Easy and Safe trading with MultiHodl

Every $1000 in Multi HODL gets you 1 ticket for the drawing.

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