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Black Friday starts early!

Mine twice as many Bitcoin

Double your sparks, double your mining power.

How to participate

From 21/11/2023 until 26/11/2013

Sign up to YouHodler

Sign up to YouHodler or log in to your account and experience seamless trading, earning, and portfolio growth with our user-friendly platform.

Trade on MultiHODL

Benefit from market volatility with a service for casual crypto trading on more than 60 pairs with a user-friendly interfaces and low fees.

Earn x2 Sparks

For every 1000$ in trading volume* you will earn 2 sparks instead of 1. You will have more fuel to mine your Bitcoin rewards and earn more

Frequently asked questions

Promo Details and F.A.Q.
How to calculate the trading volume?
The trading volume formula on YouHodler is calculated based on the (input+output) x Multiplier (+profit). For example, you are trading LTC/USDT and you open a deal with $1000 input and use a 5x multiplier. You close your deal with $100 profit, thus, your trading volume is: (1000+1000) x 5 + 100 = $10100, this will earn you 20 sparks in this promo.
In case of closing with $100 loss, the trading volume is: (1000+900) x 5 = $9500, This will earn you 18 sparks in this promo.
What are the exact dates of the promo campaign?
Black Friday promo will run from 21/11/2023 at 00:00 UTC until 26/11/2023 at 23:59 UTC
Are there any specific trading pairs for double sparks ?
No, trading any pair on MultiHODL will increase your trading volume, thus your loyalty and your earned sparks, which will be X2 during this promo.
Are the welcome packs and free spark doubled ?
No, the welcome packs for each loyalty level and the free sparks remain the same, only the earned sparks are doubled.  
Our rights
We reserve the right to change the rules of the promo unilaterally and at any time. We will advertise any changes that occur to the terms. We reserve the right to exclude any user from the promo if the person somehow violates the terms of the promo.