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On June 1st, 15:30 CET, hosted by CVC 2023

How to Boost Revenues For Your Retail Fintech Business

Additional Revenue Streams for Crypto Wallets, Neo Banks, and Retail Digital Payment Providers.
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Discover What You Can Learn with Us

Learn how to acquire additional revenue streams for your retail FinTech business with YouHodler as your technology partner. By implementing YouHodler’s tech and a few simple changes, you can boost your business to the next level:

Revenue through new products

Expanding offering with API integrations- pros and cons.

Cross-industry partnerships and networks

Growth through cross-industry collaboration opportunities.

Use case study of existing partnership

Theory put into numbers- what actually works and what does not.
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Engage and Meet With Industry Leaders:

During the Masterclass, that will be held during CVC 2023, in Rotkreuz, an exchange of knowledge and feedback is valued by the attendees. Coming from all over the world, industry leaders and key players join to learn and share with us and with you.
Join us for 45 minutes of pure value content on business growth strategies that we developed and tested ourselves.

How can YouHodler help growing your business ?

Integrate a trading solution based on chains of loans
Integrating trading-as-service solution to your business can provide several benefits. With this feature, your users can easily trade fluctuations on different pairs, which can lead to increased user engagement and loyalty.
Overall, integrating our TAAS solution to your business can help provide a more comprehensive and attractive crypto investment platform for your users.
Offer crypto-backed lending solutions to your users
Offering crypto-backed loans to your users can be a profitable way to monetize your platform. With YouHodler's API service, you can easily integrate our lending functionality into your platform, allowing your users to borrow against their cryptocurrency holdings. By offering this service, you not only provide a valuable financial product to your users but also generate revenue through loan fees. Plus, with YouHodler's highly secure and reliable platform, you can offer your users a safe and trusted lending experience.
Expertise and network
By partnering with YouHodler, you  can benefit your business by leveraging our expertise and vast network of connections in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. We can provide you with insights and guidance on how to effectively integrate cryptocurrencies into your business model or take it to the next level. A partnership is not only based on technology but people and human resources are the key to its success.

Lets discuss the Masterclass strategies on YouHodler Boat Party

Join us for an unforgettable networking experience.
Don't miss YouHodler Boat Networking Event during the Crypto Valley Conference!
Get ready to meet with the industry's top leaders, influencers, and innovators.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery, great drinks, and lively conversations with like-minded individuals while building valuable connections.

Connect with the crypto community and grow your network.
See you there!
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The host of the Masterclass

Vaida Saltenyte
Head of Partnerships
Telegram: @vaidasalt

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