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Ethereum Exchange

In the cryptocurrency sector, the Ethereum (ETH) network plays the role of second largest coin by monthly exchanged volume, bested only by Bitcoin. In the golden year of virtual currencies, Ethereum was often associated with the term "new Bitcoin". In reality, these are two different projects and each investor should see them as two separate entities.

Ethereum introduces a fundamental concept to the market: the so-called “smart contracts”. This type of instrument now enjoys growing popularity and consists in the realization and execution of a contract between at least two counterparties in a completely automatic way through the blockchain system.

Make sure you read all the relevant details below about the best exchange network that you can use to trade ETH.

The best exchange online platform for Ethereum

The best exchange platform you can use to buy Ethereum online is, by far, YouHodler. Thanks to its extremely user-friendly system and to the elimination of any unnecessary overcomplication, YouHodler presents itself as the best alternative on the market to exchange ETH.

The Multi HODL functionality of the exchange allows you to take full advantage of the frequent phases of high volatility in the market, not to mention the advantage offered to users by the possibility of obtaining crypto backed loans.

Now that you have discovered YouHodler, you will no longer want to use other exchange portals. Keep reading this review to find out how to trade Ethereum on our platform.

How to exchange Ethereum

Having completed the YouHodler registration in just a few minutes, it is time to start understanding how to trade ETH. To do this, we offer you the possibility of using three different channels:

  • Credit or debit card: the "Buy Crypto" button will bring up a window in which you will be able to enter your credit or debit card details to exchange ETH
  • Bank wire transfer: in your personal area, select the fiat wallet you intend to use (e.g. USD or EUR) and click on the "deposit" button. By selecting the "Bank Wire" option, all you need to do is to follow the simple instructions on the page to proceed with your ETH exchange operation
  • Crypto deposit: if you decide to use a crypto wallet, you will be able to buy ETH using other coins, with the guarantee of having the best exchange rate on the market.

We recommend downloading our mobile app to enjoy a unique exchange experience with YouHodler, read more details about it below.

Ethereum Exchange App

Each unique feature available in the YouHodler desktop exchange portal has been optimized and installed into the Ethereum Exchange App. We believe you should be able to follow the market and manage your investments anywhere and anytime, which is why we have worked hard on the realization of a mobile app.

Our app is available for Android and iOS systems, allowing you to follow the price of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in real time from your smartphone or tablet.

Ethereum Exchange Rate

Both active traders and passive HODLers need to know, at some point, the Ethereum Exchange Rate in real time. Thanks to YouHodler, you will be able to access the ETH exchange rate against a wide selection of fiat currencies and coins.

A few scrolls will be enough for you to view the trend of the Ethereum Exchange Rate compared to other currencies, a really important aspect if you consider the fast pace of the market. The price you will find on YouHodler will be an average of the value reported by the main online crypto exchanges.

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