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Decentraland Treasure Hunt

Win real money in the virtual world.

$30,000 in MANA, unique NFT, and branded merch in the YouHodler Treasure Hunt. A skill-based game taking place in Decentraland metaverse on 2-4 May 2022.

The Hunt is over. We have the winners.

tesla prize

Day 1. $10,000.

Time: 14.900 seconds.

vespa prize

Day 2. $10,000.

Time: 15.005 seconds.

ebike mtb prize

Day 3. $10,000.

Time: 20.877 seconds.

Prize fund

tesla prize

1 $30,000 in MANA

3 grand prizes of $10,000 in Decentraland MANA each day of the Treasure hunt.

vespa prize

2 Exclusive NFT

An exclusive YouHodler NFT with additional 1% APY on any coin for 3 months.

ebike mtb prize

3 Swag

A free metaverse YouHodler branded merch for each participant.

How to participate in the Treasure Hunt?

Open an account with us, if you still don’t have it, to get your Account ID.
Register in the Treasure Hunt at the bottom of this page.
Get the email from us, on May 2nd, with the coordinates of our building in Decentraland and a secret access code to unlock the entrance.
Go through all three rooms with riddles by completing the tasks of the game.
Insert all the answers and your Account ID on the final stage.
Complete the hunt and wait for the result at the end of the day.

The winner will not be the person who finishes the Treasure Hunt first. The winner will be the person who completes all of the tasks in the Treasure Hunt faster than anyone else from the moment the participant unlocks the building door until the last task is completed. Participants can start at any time of the day  and remember, the speed of completing the Treasure Hunt itself is what really matters.
The YouHodler Treasure Hunt will reset each day bringing the new opportunities to win grand prizes each day with slight changes in tasks.

Promo Dates: May 2, 2022 at 06:00 UTC – May 4, 2022 at 23:59 UTC.
GEOs: All countries (except these ones).


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Enter the email address that you're using on the YouHodler platform to the field below. On the 2nd of May you'll get the coordinates of our building in Decentraland and a secret access code to unlock the entrance.
Your submission has been received! Good luck!
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By clicking on the “Start the hunt”  button you agree to the YouHodler Treasure Hunt terms and conditions.

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